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PSC creates, reviews, clears, numbers, and controls inventory for all official HHS forms. We ensure compliance with related policies, including Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. In addition, PSC can create customized user interface screens and reporting tools to help manage, search, and analyze your data. This service area is managed by the HHS Departmental Forms Manager who provides approval on all HHS forms.

PSC provides form clearances that are required and/or mandated by the Office of Management and Budget, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Infrastructure and Operations (ITIO), Freedom of Information Act (privacy), and Records Management offices.

Services offered to HHS Agencies include:

  • Creating, reviewing, and approving new and revised Departmental forms
  • Numbering and controlling inventory for all official HHS forms
  • Providing technical assistance and training on forms management policies and procedures
  • Maintaining forms on the website and the HHS Internet
  • Reviewing, testing, and remediation of forms to meet Section 508 compliance standards
  • Captioning and audio description for video and audio recordings
  • Transcription services
  • Language Translation

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