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Human Resources Library

42 Appointment of Special Consultants

250 Personnel Management in Agencies

251 Agency Relationships With Organizations Representing Federal Employees and Other Organizations

293 Personnel Records


297 Privacy Procedures for Personnel Records

300 Employment

315 Career and Career Conditional Employment

330 Recruitment, Selection, and Placement

337 Examining System

340 Part-Time Career Employment

351 Reduction in Force

410 Training

430 Performance Management

451 Awards

511 Classification Under the General Schedule

531 Pay Under the General Schedule

532 Prevailing Rate Systems

537 Repayment of Student Loans

550 Pay Administration

572 Payment of Travel Expenses

575 Recruitment and Relocation Bonuses, Retention Allowances, and Supervisory Differentials

590 Title 38 Physician and Dentist Pay

590-1: This Instruction implements HHS regulations and procedures for payment of Physician and Dentist Pay (PDP), Effective Date: 03/28/2013

595 Physicians Comparability Allowances

595-1: Physician's Comparability Allowance (Plan), Effective Date: 04/12/2002 [Not available online]

610 Hours of Duty

630 Absence and Leave

731 Suitability, National Security Positions, and Personnel Investigations

751 Discipline

771 Agency Administrative Grievance System

792 Federal Employees Health and Counseling Programs

920 Senior Executive Service

930 Programs for Specific Positions and Examinations (Miscellaneous)

990 General and Miscellaneous

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Content last reviewed on August 13, 2018