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PSC provides high-quality, cost-effective printing and publishing. Our value-added services inject digital technologies into your communications and educational programs, and our commitment to customer service ensures that your materials are accurate, on time, and high quality, every time and are in accordance with rules and regulations set forth by the Congressional Joint Committee on Printing and the Government Publishing Office (GPO).  The HHS Departmental Printing Officer is located within this service area, available to provide Subject-Matter-Expert guidance on public law Title 44 and GPO.  The HHS Printing Officer is authorized to act in all matters related to the monitoring and oversight of the printing program for HHS. 

Services offered to HHS Agencies include:

  • Brochures: Get your message out to potential customers quickly and concisely with a unique designed brochure.  Including specialized design services.
  • Booklets: These are ideal for a variety of projects
  • Envelopes: Mailings will arrive in style with printed envelopes.  Whether a simple, one-color remittance envelope or a full-color piece featuring bright, colorful text.
  • Postcards: This compact size marketing notice makes ideal for simple, targeted mailings and are a less expenses way of mailing out notifications
  • Color copies: Economical alternative to full-color process printed materials, short-run digital color printing can save time and money
  • Rubber Stamps: These are perfect for stamping large of quantities of documents
  • Table Tents: Perfect for service desks, conference table and announcing new business hours and service offerings
  • Augmented reality: An interactive experience of a real-world activity where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information.  This includes visual, auditory, haptic, and olfactory. 
  • Custom Printing Quotes: Your imagination is limitless and so is our capabilities to meet your needs. 
  • We provide additional services such as:
    • Signage
    • Translation services
    • Graphic design for print jobs
    • Awards and Plaques

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