Educational Presentations, Orientations, and Outreach

Federal Occupational Health (FOH)'s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides engaging programs designed for both employees and supervisors. Our health and wellness presentations include such topics as stress management, dealing with change, effective communication, and more. Our orientations highlight the features and benefits of the program and are available in person and online.

Live Webinars

Monthly webinars are provided at no cost to any EAP member. A quarterly webinar just for managers is also available at no cost. Registration information will be sent via email to participants or can be found on the member website. Webinars are recorded and posted for on-demand access two to three weeks later.

Webinar Recordings and Podcasts

In addition to our live webinars, EAP recipients can access handouts and listen to recorded webinars and podcasts 24/7. Within the member website, they will be able to peruse a list of topics and choose one of interest. Recordings from live webinars are posted ongoing so the list of topics is ever-growing.

In-Person Presentations

In-person presentations are encouraged where possible. Presentations last up to an hour and are facilitated by EAP counselors who come to your facility. The EAP provides a variety of health and wellness presentations regarding health, emotional well-being, stress reduction, personal finances, and other topics. Contact the EAP for a comprehensive list of available presentations.

Contact FOH

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