Crisis Response Services

Federal Occupational Health (FOH) has a long and successful history of serving federal agencies during emergent events. Uniquely positioned within the federal government to mobilize alongside its federal partners, FOH provides a range of services that ensure the health and safety of federal emergency responders and support staff. The FOH team will work around the clock providing critical environmental, medical, and behavioral health services.

Distressing incidents such as an employee's natural or unnatural death, the death of an employee's spouse or child, workplace assaults, employee illness, or natural disasters at the workplace can leave employees stunned, troubled, depressed, and unable to perform their jobs effectively. Employees may experience a range of reactions including deterioration of job performance, anxiety, inability to concentrate, conflict with others, grief reactions, and depression.

Our critical incident response services are designed to decrease stress and activate mechanisms of natural resilience. Our specialized response team, which has more than 30 years of federal crisis response experience:

  • Helps managers develop response plans
  • Offers an on-site presence that may include psychological first aid, group facilitation, and management consultation
  • Coordinates with other crisis responders
  • Provides relevant educational materials and links to other resources

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