Firing Range Inspections

If you have a firing range as part of your federal facility, Federal Occupational Health (FOH) can help you ensure that the site is safe and complies with recognized industry standards.

"One of the biggest advantages of FOH is eliminating the need for multiple contracts all over the country. FOH provides services to our 50+ offices nationally. They coordinate onsite visits and perform direct consultations with our employees, who appreciate the one-on-one contact."
- Chief, Agency Safety, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Improving Your Worksite

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), several studies of firing ranges have shown that exposure to lead and noise can cause health problems particularly among employees and instructors. We can help you create a safer environment for both your workers and your patrons. FOH will help you establish a safety management and communication system that follows the safety guidelines for firing ranges of your state, local, or tribal government regulatory authority.

Firing Range Inspection Services

Our inspectors can:

  • Help you spot potential violations of state, local, or tribal government regulations
  • Provide personal air monitoring of airborne lead
  • Evaluate work practices for firearms usage, cleaning, range operations, and maintenance
  • Collect surface dust samples to assess lead levels in the environment and on the hands of employees
  • Monitor noise levels to make certain that they fall within allowable limits
  • Assess management of hearing protection, eye protection, lead dust exposure protection, first aid, and disposable gloves or clothing services
  • Evaluate ventilation and lighting systems
  • Review your facility to ensure proper design, layout, installation, and equipment use
  • Assess available facilities for the post-shooting cleanup of firing range users and recommend any necessary changes
  • Evaluate hazardous waste disposal practices for compliance with applicable regulations
  • Cost estimates for firing range inspections are available upon request. Contact us to discuss how we can help your agency.

Download the FOH Firing Range Inspection Services Fact Sheet for more information

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