Onsite Health Clinics

Federal Occupational Health (FOH) provides clinical services to improve the health of the federal workforce at Health and Wellness Centers located in federal buildings throughout the United States and through a large network of private-provider physicians and nurses.

"The FOH staff, from the doctors, nurses, and the administrators of the program, show a firm dedication to their services. We would highly recommend them as a partner in the well-being and protection of our workplace."
- Program Specialist, U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)

Onsite Health Clinics or Health and Wellness Centers enhance the well-being of employees within your Federal agency.

Frequently asked questions

How can you help employees maintain a healthier lifestyle?

Our trained FOH nurses offer workshops on topics such as nutrition, tobacco cessation, and stress management. FOH provides employees with the support to improve their overall health and well-being for longer lasting behavior changes and results. FOH also offers screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and vision.

Can FOH assist my agency in developing an emergency response plan?

Yes. FOH assists agencies by participating in Occupant Emergency Planning meetings, lending a clinical perspective in planning responses to natural or man-made threats and disasters.

How can FOH help employees take control of their health needs?

FOH's online Health Assessment is a Web-based tool that enables users to take an active role in their own health care, allowing employees to set goals, track health progress, assess and manage personal health information, research health topics, and access useful health news.

What if an employee becomes injured at work?

FOH medical professionals provide on-site first aid, respond to medical emergencies, and refer employees to primary care providers for follow-up care.

What if an employee needs on-site medical treatment?

FOH medical professionals can administer services prescribed by the employee's personal physician, such as allergy shots or blood pressure and glucose monitoring, significantly reducing time away from work.

What about work-related medical examinations?

On-site physicians can conduct pre-placement, preventive, and Fitness for Duty (FFD) physical exams. Medical surveillance examinations are also performed for current employees who may be exposed to potentially hazardous substances on the job.

What are the benefits?

  • Individualized, high quality occupational health services to reduce absenteeism and improve productivity
  • Walk-in services available to all Federal employees within your agency
  • Experienced staff trained in occupational health and familiar with the specific needs of employees within your agency
  • Simple and flexible service delivery method using the Interagency Agreement (IAA)
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