Program Promotion

Federal Occupational Health (FOH)'s work/life balance program, WorkLife4You, provides support and tools that can help your employees lead a healthier and more balanced life. We like to reach out to the employees with programs and information that they can use to make their lives run more smoothly.

Creating a Culture of Health and Balance

One of the most effective ways of engaging employees is to offer webinars and seminars on work/life topics, including such popular topics as overcoming debt; effects of parenting and technology; planning your retirement lifestyle; and more. We also offer orientation seminars and webinars that highlight the features and benefits of the program and are available in-person and online. In addition, WorkLife4You delivers a monthly themed campaign — posters, fliers, videos, newsletters, brochures — to create a worksite culture of balance and well-being, while promoting the services that are available throughout the year.

Convenient and Confidential Access by Phone or Online

Employees and their family members can contact us and immediately speak with a professional. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and additional self-service tools and information can be found online on our interactive website.

Services are confidential, except in areas where disclosure is required by law, generally when there is a safety concern. Services are voluntary and are offered as a free agency benefit.

FOH's WorkLife4You program help employees and their family members better manage life's challenges by offering resources and solutions to help them achieve balance at work and at home.

Download the Work/Life fact sheet for more information.

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