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OHRP offers a collection of videos and webinars to help the research community better understand the HHS regulations for the protection of human subjects in research and their responsibilities for protecting human subjects. These materials are intended for public use and distribution, and we invite you to use and share them freely. We welcome you to link to our materials from your website.

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revised common rule video 4

This video explains options for investigators planning to do secondary research with private information or biospecimens under the revised Common Rule. (June 22, 2018)

Watch: Regulatory Options for Secondary Research with Private Information and Biospecimens Part 2 (16:02)

revised common rule video 5

This video explains the concept of broad consent as described in the revised Common Rule. It describes what it is, what it is not, and how it is anticipated to be used. (June 22, 2018)

Watch: Broad Consent in the Revised Common Rule (17:30)

revised common rule video 6

This video provides an overview of the changes in the revised Common Rule on IRB reviews including: limited IRB review, expedited review, continuing review, elimination of the requirement to waive informed consent for certain early research activities, single IRB requirement, and the removal of IRB review of grant applications. (June 22, 2018)

Watch: What's New in IRB Review Under the Revised Common Rule (8:22)

IRB Review Criteria

This video, produced in 1986 by the National Library of Medicine, depicts an Institutional Review Board (IRB) in action and explains the IRB review criteria. (October 25, 2017)

Watch: IRB Review Criteria

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