2020 Board Decisions

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An asterisk (*) at the end of the link to a Board decision indicates that the decision was appealed and a federal court decision was issued.

2020.12.29; DAB3027; Transnet Home Group
2020.12.22; DAB3026; William Garner, M.D.
2020.12.14; DAB3025; Leung’s, Inc. d/b/a El Faro Supermarket
2020.12.11; DAB3024; Blair Allen Nelson, M.D.
2020.11.19; DAB3023; Glenn Alden Harrison, M.D.
2020.11.03; DAB3022; Stuart Alan Rockwell, D.D.S.
2020.10.26; DAB3021; Adel A. Kallini, MD
2020.10.15; DAB3020; Diane Marie Krupka a/k/a Diane Marie Salak
2020.10.13; DAB3019; Missouri Department of Social Services
2020.10.08; DAB3018; Tosan Fregene, M.D. and Oncology Clinics, Inc.
2020.10.02; DAB3017; Yakup Akyol, M.D.
2020.09.28; DAB3016; Farzana Naqvi, M.D. and Syed Naqvi, M.D.
2020.09.24; DAB3015; Rose W. Gunckel d/b/a Gunckels Service
2020.09.01; DAB3014; L&M Optical LLC d/b/a Valenza Opticians
2020.09.01; DAB3013; Monica Ferguson
2020.08.17; DAB3012; Fair Brothers Inc. d/b/a Quick Mart
2020.08.17; DAB3011; Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc.
2020.08.03; DAB3010; ChildCareGroup
2020.07.31; DAB3009; Charles S. Pewitt, D.O., d/b/a Jackson Medical Center
2020.06.29; DAB3008; 38-40 Freneau Avenue Operating Company LLC, d/b/a Atrium Post Acute Care of Matawan
2020.06.29; RUL2020-3; Life Care Center of Kirkland
2020.06.26; DAB3007; Joe Eideh d/b/a 7-Eleven 34428
2020.06.25; DAB3006; Emery County Care and Rehabilitation Center
2020.06.25; DAB3005; LCD Complaint: Knee Orthoses
2020.06.11; DAB3004; Aleesha A. Thomas
2020.06.11; DAB3003; George Yaplee Medical Center d/b/a Triangle Eye Institute
2020.06.04; DAB3002; Esohe Agbonkpolor
2020.06.02; DAB3001; Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, LLC
2020.06.01; DAB3000; Friendship Home Healthcare, Inc., et al.
2020.05.29; DAB2999; Paige M. Aletti
2020.05.26; DAB2998; Matthew Foster
2020.05.18; DAB2997; Eva Orticio Villamor-Goubeaux
2020.05.14; DAB2996; Station Management Consultants Inc. d/b/a Sunoco
2020.05.11; DAB2995; Funmilola Mary Taiwo
2020.04.15; DAB2994; Missouri Department of Social Services
2020.04.08; DAB2993; Georgia E. Conic, Ph.D.
2020.03.16; DAB2992; Kensington Diagnostics LLC
2020.03.12; DAB2991; Cahokia Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
2020.03.12; DAB2990; Kami L. Purvis
2020.03.09; DAB2989; Nancy L. Clark
2020.02.28; DAB2988; Edwin L. Fuentes
2020.02.26; DAB2987; Matthew J. Girardy, DMD
2020.02.11; DAB2986; Richard R. Jimenez
2020.02.10; DAB2985; Lilia Gorovits, M.D., P.C. *
2020.02.04; DAB2984; National Seating & Mobility Inc.
2020.01.06; DAB2983; Michael W. Lawrence, DPM

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