Other ADR Services

DAB provides a variety of other ADR services, including conflict coaching, group facilitation, and office conflict intervention. All of these services can now be provided in a fully virtual environment, but participants must be able to connect with video.

Other Services:

Group Facilitation/Intervention

Skilled facilitators from our ADR team can provide your work group with conflict resolution support, including meeting facilitation and problem solving guidance. Please contact Jessica.Pyryt@hhs.gov for an initial consultation, which will be confidential.

Negotiated Rulemaking

Our ADR staff can provide negotiated rulemaking facilitation for an agency and representatives of affected interests who gather to agree on the text of a proposed regulation.

ADR Design

Our ADR consultants assist clients in assessing their current dispute resolution processes and make recommendations for improving the ADR system. We can also assist with creating an ADR system from the ground up.

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