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Conflict Management Skills

This 1 day interactive course is for federal employees interested in learning about communication and problem-solving skills essential for managing conflict in the workplace and to familiarize employees with mediation theory and process.

Participants will gain experience with reliable approaches for resolving conflict and fundamental alternative dispute resolution and mediation techniques. 

The workshop uses simulations, case studies, and role-plays to provide participants with the opportunity to put theory into practice.

Please contact ADR@hhs.gov to indicate your interest in participating in this course.

Conflict Management Skills for FOIA Professionals

This 1 day interactive course is for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) professionals who face conflict situations related to their FOIA work.

The course focuses on enhancing communication and problem-solving skills to effectively avoid or manage conflict situations which commonly arise with requestors and/or program staff. 

The course uses lecture, discussion, videos, exercises, and role plays to provide practical experience with concepts presented.

No course currently being offered.

Negotiation Skills

This 1 day interactive course teaches the fundamental principles of effective negotiation taught at the Project on Negotiation at Harvard Law School.

The course condenses the design of that multi-day program into a fast moving one-day presentation of key points to remember whenever negotiating. The course design includes lecture supplemented by hands-on role play exercises designed to demonstrate and reinforce principles presented.

Please contact ADR@hhs.gov to indicate your interest in participating in this course.

Basic Mediation Skills

While the primary purpose of this 3 day interactive course is to teach participants the facilitative, problem-solving model of mediation, the course is also useful for individuals who want to learn more about the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution generally.

The course uses a variety of learning vehicles including short lectures, video, simulations and participatory role-play. Participants will apply new concepts and skills to concrete, real-world situations.

Experienced mediators provide critiques and insights to enhance application of new skills. With successful completion of the course, individuals are eligible to apply to become a Federal Interagency Sharing Neutrals Program mediator.

Please contact ADR@hhs.gov to indicate your interest in participating in this course.

Transformative Mediation

The primary focus of transformative mediation is helping disputing parties create more constructive interaction. The 2 1/2 day interactive course builds on the work of numerous scholars and practitioners, particularly those at The Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation - a think tank dedicated to supporting practitioners and policy makers interested in the transformative approach.

The course uses training curriculum and materials developed by the Institute, including a training manual, interactive exercises, role plays and videotaped mediation simulations.

Please contact ADR@hhs.gov to indicate your interest in participating in this course.

Mediation Skills for EEO Counselors

This 2 day interactive course is for EEO Counselors interested in learning about basic mediation theory and practice.

Students learn and apply communication and problem-solving techniques used by mediators to assist parties in resolving workplace conflict. The course also helps EEO Counselors advise disputants about mediation as an option to resolve EEO complaints.

The course curriculum includes a mediation demonstration, interactive exercises, and role plays.

No course currently being offered.

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