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2018 Board Decisions

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An asterisk (*) at the end of the link to a Board decision indicates that the decision was appealed and a federal court decision was issued.

2018.12.27; DAB2919; Karim Maghareh, Ph. D. and BestCare Laboratory Services, LLC *
2018.12.20; DAB2918; Monroe Mobil, Inc., d/b/a BP
2018.12.18, DAB2917; Mohamad Ahmad Bazzi
2018.12.17; DAB2916; Robert J. Tomlinson, M.D. *
2018.12.13; DAB2915 Auto Valet, Inc. d/b/a Finest Car Wash
2018.12.07; DAB2914; Blossomwood Medical, P.C. and Vytautas Pukis, M.D. *
2018.12.06; DAB2913; Oak Ridge Center
2018.12.03; DAB2912; Stephen White, M.D.
2018.11.28; DAB2911; John A. Hartman, D.O.
2018.11.26; DAB2910; Leake and Watts Services, Inc.
2018.11.19; DAB2909; Judith E. Wessely, CNS
2018.11.07; DAB2908; Allan L. Silverstein, M.D.
2018.10.31; DAB2907; Xpress Fuel Mart, Inc. d/b/a Fast Trac / BP
2018.10.26; DAB2906; Three Star Market, Inc. d/b/a Three Star Market *
2018.10.22; DAB2905; The Harborage
2018.10.16; DAB2904; Wendell Foo, M.D.
2018.10.12; DAB2903; Brenda Lee Jackson
2018.10.12; DAB2902; James Brian Joyner, M.D.
2018.10.11; DAB2901; La Libertad Market Cafeteria Inc. d/b/a La Libertad Market Cafeteria
2018.10.11; DAB2900; Landover Services, Inc. d/b/a US Fuel
2018.10.04; DAB2899; Grady Gannam d/b/a Needful Things Smoke Shop
2018.09.25; DAB2898; Maximum Hospice and Palliative Care
2018.09.20; DAB2897; Kids Central, Inc.
2018.09.18; DAB2896; 7 Eleven Inc. and All-Star Employee, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 10407B
2018.09.17; DAB2895; Madison County Nursing Home
2018.09.13; DAB2894; Zoom Mini Mart, Inc.
2018.09.12; DAB2893; OC Housecalls, Inc.
2018.09.10; DAB2892; Missouri Department of Social Services
2018.09.06; DAB2891; Rockcastle Health and Rehabilitation Center
2018.08.20; DAB2890; Mike’s Food and Fuel, Inc. d/b/a Citgo
2018.08.14; DAB2889; Patrick Daniel Osei
2018.08.14; DAB2888; Cornelius M. Donohue, DPM
2018.08.13; DAB2887; Andrew Louis Barrett
2018.08.07; DAB2886; Texas Health and Human Services Commission
2018.08.03; DAB2885; Marvin Butterman, M.D.
2018.08.03; DAB2884; Rita Patel
2018.07.26; DAB2883; Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
2018.07.24; DAB2882; Angela R. Styles, M.D.
2018.07.13; DAB2881; Meadowmere Emergency Physicians, PLLC
2018.07.13; DAB2880; Texas Migrant Council, Inc., d/b/a Teaching and Mentoring Communities
2018.07.13; DAB2879; Joe Eideh d/b/a 7-Eleven 34428
2018.06.27; DAB2878; Consolidated Home Health
2018.06.25; DAB2877; Kuma H. Mamie d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 22921A
2018.06.21; DAB2876; Commonwealth of Virginia
2018.06.04; DAB2875; Mark A. Kabat, D.O.
2018.05.31; DAB2874; Maysville Nursing and Rehabilitation
2018.05.29; DAB2873; Best Florida Homecare, Inc.
2018.05.28; DAB2872; The Malaria & Rheumatic Disease Research Institute, Inc.
2018.05.24; DAB2871; Atty’s Parti Expo, Inc., d/b/a Parti Expo
2018.05.11; DAB2870; Burien Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
2018.05.10; DAB2869; Franklin Care Center
2018.04.27; DAB2868; Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Child Support
2018.04.26; DAB2867; Community Home Health Care of Western Michigan, Inc.
2018.04.20; DAB2866; Capital District Behavioral Health Psychologists, PLLC
2018.04.04; DAB2865; Meindert Niemeyer, M.D.
2018.04.03; RUL2018-1; Donna Maneice, M.D.
2018.04.02; DAB2864; Daniel Wiltz, M.D. and Family Healthcare Clinic, APMC
2018.04.02; DAB2863; Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services *
2018.03.30; DAB2862; Donald W. Hayes, D.P.M
2018.03.30; DAB2861; Wassim Younes, M.D. and Wassim Younes, M.D., P.L.C.
2018.03.23; DAB2860; Urology Group of NJ, LLC
2018.03.22; DAB2859; Neighbors Rehabilitation Center LLC *
2018.03.19; DAB2858; Good Shepard Home for the Aged
2018.03.12; DAB2857; Frederick Brodeur, M.D.
2018.03.12; DAB2856; Neil Niren, M.D. and Neil Niren, M.D., P.C.
2018.03.05; DAB2855; Jason R. Bailey, M.D., P.A.
2018.03.02; DAB2854; Yong S. Cha a/k/a Edward Cha a/k/a Cha Youngseon
2018.02.27; DAB2853; Countryside Rehabilitation and Health Center
2018.02.20; DAB2852; Kwik Gas Inc. d/b/a Delta
2018.02.14; DAB2851; North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Inc.
2018.02.14; DAB2850; Putnam Center *
2018.02.07; DAB2849; Libertyville Manor Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center
2018.02.06; DAB2848; Stefan Murza, D.C.
2018.02.05; DAB2847; Allan Young, D.O.
2018.01.26; DAB2846; Parvin Shafa MD Inc.
2018.01.26; DAB2845; Kansas Department of Administration
2018.01.16; DAB8444; Western Spirits, Inc. d/b/a T-Joe's Steakhouse and Saloon
2018.01.05; DAB2843; Maryland Disability Law Center
2018.01.04; DAB2842; Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

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