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Digital Communications

The Digital Communications Division (DCD), part of the office of the Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs (ASPA), leads the development and review of HHS Web content, social media, and supporting technologies. This Digital Communications sub-site (HHS.gov/web) is a resource for HHS employees and contractors who are responsible for building and maintaining the Department’s digital presence.

Rethought. Restructured. Reimagined.

The new HHS.gov is guided by mobile-first thinking and informed by extensive research. Learn more.


Policies & Standards

HHS policies and standards help web managers meet federal requirements and follow best practices to make websites more citizen-centered.

Section 508

The Section 508 program assists the Department in testing websites, pages, applications, documents, and more for compliance and helps remediate issues.

Building & Managing Websites

Check out a variety of DCD resources to help make sure your new and existing websites deliver the best possible customer service.

Social Media

DCD can help you strategically use online channels to reach your communication goals. Learn more about current HHS policies and how to get started with social media.

Services & Resources

DCD makes services and resources such as search, analytics, and usability available to Staff and Operating Divisions. Browse the list and contact us for more info.


Learn about HHS web governance and the Digital Council, including our guiding principles, management structure, responsibilities, and qualities and qualifications.

About Us (DCD)

DCD staff provides expert consultation on best practices in digital communications. We also manage HHS.gov, several priority and topic websites, and the HHS Intranet.
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Content last reviewed on August 19, 2016