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HHS Digital Council Members


Mark Weber
Deputy Assistant Secretary
(202) 260-6412

Bill Trefzger
Deputy Director, Digital Communications Division
(202) 690-4597


Risha Holmes ACF risha.holmes@acf.hhs.gov 202-401-9215
Alba Sierra ACF alba.sierra@acf.hhs.gov 202-401-1462
Randie Siegel AHRQ randie.siegel@ahrq.hhs.gov 301-427-1852
Christine Phillips ACL Christine.Phillips@acl.hhs.gov 202-357-3547
Mark Weber ASPA Mark.weber@hhs.gov 202-260-6412
Carol Crawford CDC carol.crawford@cdc.hhs.gov 404-498-2480
Fred Smith CDC wfsmith@cdc.gov 404-498-2478
Jon Booth CMS jon.booth@cms.hhs.gov 410-786-6577
Ketan Patel CMS ketan.patel@cms.hhs.gov 410-786-5927
Joshua Lehman FDA joshua.lehman@fda.hhs.gov 301-796-7361
Chris Mulieri  FDA charles.mulieri@fda.hhs.gov 301-796-8864
Beau Brooks FDA beau.brooks@fda.hhs.gov 301-796-6961
Christy Choi HRSA cchoi@hrsa.gov 301-443-1113
Rich Morey HRSA rmorey@hrsa.gov 301-443-7224
Denean Standing-Ojo IHS denean.standing-ojo@ihs.gov 301-443-9863
Brooke Dine NIH brooke.dine@nih.hhs.gov 301-402-3468
Scott Prince NIH scott.prince@nih.hhs.gov 301.435.2932
Miguel Gomez OS miguel.gomez@hhs.gov 202-690-1194
RJ Stieger ASA Raimund.Stieger@psc.hhs.gov 301-492-4611
Dawn Carr SAMHSA dawn.carr@samhsa.hhs.gov 240-276-1141
Mark Siegal SAMHSA mark.siegal@samhsa.hhs.gov 240-276-2141

If you would like to be notified of the next HHS Digital Council meeting, contact us with your email from the HHS Family of agencies.

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Content last reviewed on January 3, 2017