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HHS IT Policy Archive

Policy Name Effective Date Policy Number
HHS IRM Policy for Conducting Information Technology Alternatives Analysis June 2003 HHS-IRM-2003-0002
HHS Policy for Management of the Enterprise IT System Inventory July 2009 HHS-OCIO-2009-0004
HHS Policy for Enterprise Architecture August 2008 HHS-OCIO-2008-0003
Department of Health and Human Services HHS Policy on Section 508 and Accessibility of Technology March 2016  
Policy for Conducting Operational Analysis for Information Technology Investments May 2015 HHS-OCIO-2015-0001
HHS OCIO Policy for Information Technology Capital Planning and Investment Control September 2016 HHS-OCIO-2016-CPIC-01
HHS OCIO Policy for Information Technology Policy Development November 2006 HHS-OCIO-2006-0004
HHS-OCIO Policy for Information Technology Investment Performance Baseline Management December 2012 HHS-OCIO-2010-0007
HHS IRM Policy for Comments from and Responses to Operating Divisions on Newly Developed policies and CIO Council and ITIRB Clearance Documents February 2003 HHS-IRM-2003-0001
HHS IT Policy for Enterprise Performance Life Cycle November 2016 HHS-OCIO-2008-004.002
HHS Information Systems Security and Privacy Policy July 2014 HHS-OCIO-2014-0001
HHS Rules of Behavior for Use of HHS Information and IT Resources June 2019 HHS-OCIO-2018-0004
HHS OCIO Policy for Networx Program Designated Agency Representatives June 2010 HHS-OCIO-2010-0005
HHS Policy and Plan for Preparing for and Responding to a Breach of Personally Identifiable Information June 2017 HHS-OCIO-2017-1712
HHS OCIO Policy for Social Media Technologies March 2012 HHS-OCIO-2010-0003.1
Policy for Privacy Impact Assessments June 2019 HHS-OCIO-PIM-2019-05-003
HHS Policy for Electronic Stewardship June 2011 HHS-OCIO-2011-0002.001
HHS Policy for Litigation Holds November 2016  
HHS Mobile Applications Privacy Policy September 2018 HHS-OCIO-PIM-2018-09-001
HHS Policy for Electronic Mail (Email) Records December 2016 HHS-2016-001
HHS Policy for Domain Name System (DNS) and Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) Services October 2019 HHS-OCIO-OIS-2019-11-011
HHS Policy for Internet and Email Security October 2019 HHS-OCIO-OIS-2019-10-009
HHS Policy for Mobile Devices and Removable Media August 2019 HHS-OCIO-OIS-2019-09-0005
HHS Policy for Records Management June 2016 HHS-2016-0004.002
HHS Policy for Software Asset Management (SAM) October 2019 HHS-OCIO-CPO-2019-11-010
HHS Policy for Software Development Secure Coding Practices August 2019 HHS-OCIO-OES-2019-08-005
HHS OIS High Value Asset Program Policy August 2019 HHS-OCIO-OES-2018-09-006


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