Recovery Resources & Tools

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Rx Awareness Treatment and Recovery Tools
Learn the signs of opioid addiction and where to find treatment and recovery resources.

Recovery Resources for Counselors
Discover tools and techniques for working with patients.

Opioids Epidemic Practical Toolkit for Faith and Community Leaders
Take steps to bring hope and healing to people suffering the consequences of opioid abuse disorder.

Recovery Supports Technical Assistance Center (BRSS-TACS)
Implement effective recovery supports and services for people with mental or substance use disorders and their families.

Opioid Use Disorder and Civil Rights Video and Webinar Series

Watch this five-part video series to learn about civil rights protections for individuals in recovery from an opioid use disorder:

  • Two training webinars on how federal disability rights protections apply to some individuals in recovery from an opioid use disorder
  • Common misconceptions on medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Two animated videos about the application of federal disability rights laws to child welfare programs and activities

Part 1 Civil Rights Protections for Individuals with a Disability: The Basics


Part 2 Civil Rights Protections for Individuals with an Opioid Use Disorder


Medication-Assisted Treatment and Common Misconceptions


Child Welfare Case Staffing: Social Worker and Supervisor


Child Welfare Case Staffing: Child Welfare Court Case