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Viral Hepatitis National Strategic Plan

The Viral Hepatitis National Strategic Plan for the United States: A Roadmap to Elimination 2021-2025 (Viral Hepatitis Plan or Plan), released on January 7, 2021, is a new phase in the fight against viral hepatitis in the United States. Building on three prior National Viral Hepatitis Action Plans over the last 10 years, the Viral Hepatitis National Strategic Plan is the first to aim for elimination of viral hepatitis as a public health threat in the United States.

The Viral Hepatitis Plan sets forth a clear vision for how the United States will be a place where new viral hepatitis infections are prevented, every person knows their status, and every person with viral hepatitis has high-quality health care and treatment and lives free from stigma and discrimination. In support of this vision, it includes five major goals, objectives and strategies to achieve these goals, and indicators with measurable targets to monitor progress.

Coordinated by the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH) through the Office of Infectious Disease and HIV/AIDS Policy (OIDP) the Plan was developed collaboratively by more than 20 federal agency partners. Stakeholders and the public had significant input into the development of this plan, through a variety of opportunities for public comment. The Viral Hepatitis Plan is a whole-of-nation plan. It is intended to serve as a comprehensive, data-driven roadmap for federal and other stakeholders to reverse the rates of viral hepatitis, prevent new infections, improve care and treatment and ultimately eliminate viral hepatitis as a public health threat in the United States. Its success depends on the active participation and coordinated action from a broad mix of stakeholders from various sectors, both public and private.

OIDP will continue to lead coordination of federal implementation of the Viral Hepatitis Plan. Other stakeholders are encouraged to develop implementation plans for viral hepatitis-related issues within their purview.

Read the Viral Hepatitis Plan and learn more about it.

Learn more about the goals, priorities, and stakeholders involved in the Plan.

Developing the Next National Viral Hepatitis Strategy Tile

Viral Hepatitis Community Action

Information for and about non-Federal partners engaged in viral hepatitis efforts, and resources for community stakeholders to get engaged

Federal Response

Learn about which federal agencies are implementing the national Viral Hepatitis Action Plan and find links to hepatitis B and C resources on their websites.

Monitoring Progress

Learn about how progress implementing the U.S. national Viral Hepatitis Action Plan is monitored and reported.

Background and History

Information about the origin of the nation’s first coordinated plan to respond to hepatitis B and hepatitis C, including information about the 2011 plan and its 2014 update.

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Content last reviewed on January 4, 2021