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Grants Policies & Regulations

OMB Memoranda

Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Memoranda authorize federal awarding agencies the flexibility to aid HHS’ grantee community in several key areas of our grants administration policies and requirements to support the continued research and services necessary to carry out the emergency response related to COVID-19.

Grants Policy Topics

Regulatory Requirements

HHS Policy Requirements

Policy Topic: Lobbying

HHS Policy Guidance

Policy Topic: Federal Funding Transparency Act (FFATA) / Sub-Award Reporting

Resources, Tools and Systems

Best Practices

Policy Topic: HHS Efficient Spending Policy

  • HHS Policy on Promoting Efficient Spending (January 23, 2015): Use of Appropriated Funds for Conferences and Meetings, Food, Promotional Items, and Printing and Publications
    • Attachment 1: HHS Policy on Use of Appropriated Funds for Conferences and Meeting Space (January 23, 2015)
      • Exhibit 1: Conference Spending Provisions of the HHS Appropriations Act
      • Exhibit 2: List of Meetings and Events that are Not Conferences
      • Exhibit 3: Conference Expenses and Reporting Requirements
    • Attachment 2: HHS Policy on Use of Appropriated Funds for Food
    • Attachment 3: HHS Policy on Use of Appropriated Funds for Promotional Items
    •  Attachment 4: HHS Policy on Printing and Publications

Policy Topic: Objective Grant Review

HHS Policy Guidance

  • HHS Grants Policy Statement (Page I 29) – Applications under discretionary grant programs, whether received in response to a funding opportunity announcement, solicited from a single source, or received as unsolicited requests for funding, are subject to objective review. Objective review is an advisory review of discretionary grant applications conducted by a minimum of three unbiased reviewers with expertise in the programmatic area for which applications are submitted (I-30, PG. 44).

Best Practices

Policy Topic: Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance

Grants Policy Resources

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