4. Contact with the ALJ

  1. Ex parte communications. 
    Direct communication with the ALJ is prohibited unless all parties or party representatives are present.  All party contact with an ALJ is through the staff attorney assigned to assist the ALJ with a particular case.  The name, telephone number, facsimile number, and e-mail address of the staff attorney will be provided to the parties with the CRD acknowledgment of a party’s hearing request.  When sending an e-mail to the assigned staff attorney, you must copy (“CC”) the opposing party on the e-mail.  Parties may also contact CRD staff by calling the CRD at (202) 795-7490. 
  2. Sanctions. 
    An ALJ may impose sanctions against a party for engaging in ex parte communication, that is, any written or oral communication directly with an ALJ or with the assigned staff attorney assisting the ALJ about any issue other than a general procedural question in which the opposing party is not present or copied.
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