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2019 Board Decisions

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An asterisk (*) at the end of the link to a Board decision indicates that the decision was appealed and a federal court decision was issued.

2019.12.31; DAB2982; St. Martin, Iberia, Lafayette Community Action Agency
2019.12.27; DAB2981; Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
2019.12.10; DAB2980; Pennsylvania Physicians, P.C.
2019.12.09; DAB2979; 1701 Express, Inc. d/b/a Citgo *
2019.12.02; DAB2978; Rosemary Sachs, ARNP
2019.11.25; DAB2977; Rural Metro Corporation of Florida, Inc.
2019.11.01; RUL2020-2; Howard M. Sokoloff, DPM, MS, Inc.
2019.10.31; DAB2976; Chaplin Liu, M.D.
2019.10.31; DAB2975; Michael Scott Edwards, OD, and M. Scott Edwards, OD, PA
2019.10.24; DAB2974; Shiloh First Health Care, Inc.
2019.10.08; DAB2973; White Dove Groceries, Inc. d/b/a Grafton Shop N Save Express
2019.10.03; DAB2972; Howard M. Sokoloff, DPM, MS, Inc.
2019.10.02; RUL2020-1; Texas Health and Human Services Commission
2019.09.26; DAB2971; John Tomas Gordon, D.D.S.
2019.09.26; DAB2970; Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, LLC
2019.09.23; DAB2969; Stowers Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a BP
2019.09.19; RUL2019-5; Maria Bejacmar-Didier
2019.09.16; DAB2968; Grassroots Indigenous Multimedia
2019.08.27; DAB2967; JP Mishra Cardiology, P.C.
2019.08.23; DAB2966; Linda Silva, P.A.
2019.08.20; DAB2965; Sheetal Kumar, M.D., P.A.
2019.08.08; RUL2019-4; Delores L. Knight
2019.08.02; DAB2964; Andrew Louis Barrett
2019.08.01; DAB2963; Olandis Moore
2019.08.01; DAB2962; Ishtiaq A. Malik, M.D.
2019.08.01; DAB2961; Beloved Community Family Wellness Center
2019.08.01; DAB2960; Beloved Community Family Wellness Center
2019.07.29; DAB2959; Khush Family Inc. d/b/a Eastfield Mall - Mall's Corner News Stand
2019.07.26; DAB2958; Monique Barbour, M.D.
2019.07.26; DAB2957; Clear Vue Laser Eye Center, Inc.
2019.07.25; DAB2956; Maria Bejacmar-Didier
2019.07.18; DAB2955; Aiman M. Hamdan, M.D.
2019.07.15; DAB2954; The Bridge at Rockwood
2019.07.10; DAB2953; Golden Living Center - Mountain View
2019.07.09; DAB2952; Navajo Nation
2019.07.05; DAB2951; Gaurav Lakhanpal, MD
2019.07.05; DAB2950; Generations at Regency Center
2019.06.20; RUL2019-3; Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
2019.06.20; DAB2949; Rollington Ferguson, M.D.
2019.06.20; DAB2948; Aloha P and C Corp. d/b/a Grocery Boy Jr. 44
2019.05.24; DAB2947; Green Valley Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center
2019.05.23; DAB2946; North Las Vegas Care Center
2019.05.23; DAB2945; Delores L. Knight
2019.05.23; DAB2944; Adel A. Kallini, MD
2019.05.23; DAB2943; U.S. Virgin Islands
2019.05.23; DAB2942; Dr. Robert Kanowitz
2019.05.21; DAB2941; Wishon Radiological Medical Group, Inc.
2019.05.03; DAB2940; Saadite A. Green
2019.04.29; DAB2939; Targazyme, Inc.
2019.04.29; DAB2938; Delaware Medical Associates, P.A.
2019.04.29; DAB2937; Golden Living Center - Trussville
2019.04.25; RUL2019-2; Rosa Velia Serrano
2019.04.25; DAB2936; Chit-Chat Inc. d/b/a Scuttlebutts
2019.04.12; DAB2935; Benny R. Bailey
2019.03.28; DAB2934; Arriva Medical, LLC
2019.03.26; DAB2933; Breton L. Morgan, M.D., Inc. and Breton L. Morgan, M.D. *
2019.03.19; DAB2932; Robert M. Carney
2019.03.12; DAB2931; Maine Department of Health and Human Services
2019.03.08; DAB2930; Vital Care Medical Transportation, LLC
2019.02.14; DAB2929; Arkansas Health Group d/b/a Baptist Health Family Clinic Lakewood
2019.02.11; DAB2928; Medinn Corp.
2019.02.08; DAB2927; The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center *
2019.02.04; DAB2926; Sunsites Pearce Fire District *
2019.02.01; DAB2925; Atty's Parti Expo, Inc., d/b/a Parti Expo
2019.01.31; DAB2924; Ramarao Kaza, M.D. Ramarao Kaza, M.D., P.C.
2019.01.25; DAB2923; Rosa Velia Serrano
2019.01.24; DAB2922; Michael Turano, M.D
2019.01.17; RUL2019-1; Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services *
2019.01.17; DAB2921; Loving Arms Learning Center
2019.01.14; DAB2920; Sinjil, Inc. d/b/a Sunoco *

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