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2010 Board Decisions

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An asterisk (*) at the end of the link to a Board decision indicates that the decision was appealed and a federal court decision was issued.

2010.12.30; DAB2358; Tri-Valley Family Medicine, Inc.
2010.12.30; DAB2357; Gilman Care Center
2010.12.30; DAB2356; Philadelphia Parent Child Center, Inc.
2010.12.30; DAB2355; Woodland Oaks Healthcare Facility
2010.12.27; DAB2354; A.M. Home Health Services, Inc.
2010.12.23; DAB2353; Somerset Nursing & Rehabilitation Facility *
2010.12.22; DAB2352; Azalea Court *
2010.12.20; DAB2351; Voorhees College Early Head Start Program
2010.12.20; DAB2350; Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals *
2010.10.13; DAB2349; Main Street Pharmacy, LLC
2010.10.12; DAB2348; Columbia Care and Rehabilitation Center
2010.10.12; DAB2347; Dumas Nursing and Rehabilitation, L.P.
2010.12.02; RUL2011-3; BioniCare Medical Technologies, Inc.
2010.12.02; RUL2011-2; Del Rosa Villa
2010.11.22; DAB2346; Proactive Medical
2010.11.19; DAB2345; Kris Durschmidt
2010.11.18; DAB2344; Cedar Lake Nursing Home
2010.11.10; DAB2343; Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
2010.11.04; DAB2342; Experts Are Us, Inc. 
2010.10.29; RUL2011-1; Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare
2010.10.29; DAB2332; Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare
2010.10.25; DAB2341; Daniel H. Kinzie, IV, M.D.
2010.10.22; DAB2340; Victor Valley Community Hospital/Clinical Laboratory and Tomasz Pawlowski, M.D.
2010.09.30; DAB2339; Virginia Highlands Health Rehabilitation Center
2010.09.30; DAB2338; BioniCare Medical Technologies, Inc.
2010.09.30; DAB2337; Dr. Elinor Schottstaedt, M.D.
2010.09.27; DAB2336; Brian Center Health and Rehabilitation/Goldsboro
2010.09.27; DAB2335; Greenbrier Nursing and Rehabilitation Center *
2010.09.27; DAB2334; Andrew J. Elliott, M.D.
2010.09.27; DAB2333; Strategic Community Services, Inc.
2010.09.23; DAB2332; Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare
2010.09.23; DAB2331; West Norman Endoscopy Center, LLC
2010.09.17; DAB2330; Emmanuel Uko Akpan
2010.09.16; DAB2329; Arkady B. Stern, M.D., Petitioner
2010.08.05; DAB2328; New Jersey Department of Human Services
2010.08.05; DAB2327; Embassy Health Care Center
2010.08.05; DAB2326; Suitland Family and Life Development Corporation
2010.07.23; DAB2325; Victor Alvarez, M.D.
2010.07.09; DAB2324; Ita Udeobong, d/b/a Midland Care Medical Supply and Equipment
2010.07.02; DAB2323; Texan Nursing Rehabilitation of Amarillo, LLC.
2010.07.02; DAB2322; Experts Are Us, Inc.
2010.06.25 DAB2321; Carrington Place of Muscatine.
2010.06.21 DAB2320; Waterfront Terrace, Inc.
2010.06.16 DAB2319; Cornerstone Family Healthcare
2010.06.03 DAB2318 New Jersey Department of Human Services
2010.05.17 DAB2317 Maysville Nursing  Rehabiliation Facility
2010.05.07 DAB2316 Columbus Park Nursing & Rehabilitation Center *
2010.05.03 DAB2315 In re CMS LCD Complaint - Homeopathic Medicine Transfer Factor *
2010.04.13 RUL2010-3 Philadelphia Parent Child Center, Inc.
2010.04.12 DAB2314 Golden Living Center – Riverchase *
2010.04.08 DAB2313 DMS Imaging, Inc.
2010.03.31 DAB2312 Puerto Rico Department of the Family
2010.03.31 DAB2311 Beatrice State Development Center
2010.03.30 DAB2310 Mission Home Health et al.
2010.03.30 DAB2309 Georgia Department of Human Services
2010.03.25 DAB2308 Michael J. Rosen, M.D.
2010.03.22 DAB2307 Tennessee Department of Children’s Services
2010.03.17 DAB2306 Partnership for Youth and Community Empowerment
2010.03.09 DAB2305 Recovery Consultants of Atlanta, Inc.
2010.03.05 DAB2304 Life Care Center of Tullahoma *
2010.03.02 DAB2303 A TO Z DME, LLC
2010.02.22 RUL2010-2 Golden Living Center - Frankfort
2010.02.19 DAB2302 US Ultrasound
2010.02.04 DAB2301 Asian Media Access
2010.02.02 RUL2010-1 Peter McCambridge, C.F.A.
2010.01.29 DAB2300 Senior Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Center *
2010.01.28 DAB2299 Embassy Health Care Center
2010.01.27 DAB2298 Associated Internists, P.C.

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