Updates to Decision Formatting

Medicare Appeals Council Decisions

Beginning in October 2018, the Medicare Appeals Council is changing the look and format of its decisions, including a different font style and a more simplified layout.  You may email questions about the new decision format to DABStakeholders@hhs.gov.

Decisions Posted on the Website

The Departmental Appeals Board is changing the way it posts decisions on the website from PDF to HTML.  This update will improve searching and accessibility, and will make the decisions mobile-friendly.  We’re phasing in this change, so for a period of time, some decisions will be posted as PDFs while others are posted in HTML, but eventually all new decisions will be posted in HTML.  This change only applies to new decisions; we will not be converting decisions that have already been posted as PDFs.  You may email questions about the conversion to HTML to DABStakeholders@hhs.gov

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