Who is Responsible for 508 Compliance?

Nearly everyone plays a role in carrying out Section 508.  The federal government increasingly relies on technology to carry out its business and deliver information to citizens, from creating files to managing contracts, which makes ensuring access for individuals with disabilities part of everyone's job.  Review the roles below and find the resources that will help fulfil your responsibility for compliance with Section 508.

Specifically, this may include the following individuals:

  • File Creators and Document Authors- If you create files that may be distributed through email, posted online, or shared through another electronic format, you will want to know how to make your files accessible.
  • Supervisors- If you are responsible for managing staff, be sure they understand the importance of ensuring accessibility and have access to the training and knowledge that will allow them to fulfil their responsibility for 508 compliance.
  • Web Managers- If you managing or developing a website, you will need to follow 508 standards for web content.
  • Project and Program Managers- If you are responsible for planning a project or managing a program, remember to allow time for 508 reviews and corrections, if necessary.
  • Contract Officers- If you write documentation for contracts, you should include the 508 contracting language, and ensure contractors submit 508 compliant deliverables.
  • Procurement Officers-If you purchase software or equipment for your office, you must follow 508 contracting requirements.
  • Vendors- If you do business with HHS for Information Technology products, you can reference our vendor information for product evaluation.
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