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Compliance & Remediation

The ASPA/DCD 508 Compliance and Remediation team is responsible for reviewing and testing websites, Web pages, applications, documents, and other files for compliance with Section 508 requirements.

Our team of Section 508 experts is happy to assist you with interpreting your 508 scorecard reports and providing guidance on how to remediate 508 issues within existing websites and documents.

Compliance Tools

DCD uses an automated tool to scan websites for 508 accessibility on a monthly basis.

In addition, the tool:

  • Detects broken links
  • Locates spelling errors
  • Identifies orphan sites and pages
  • Interfaces with metrics applications to identify zero-hit pages
  • Identifies other problems that affect site usability

Additional resources:

DCD uses Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 (AAPro8) and later to test and remediate PDFs for 508 complaince.

Remediation Framework

The Remediation Framework outlines a course of actions to bring HHS Web sites and content into compliance with Section 508. 

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Content last reviewed on August 13, 2015