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HHS.gov Style Guide

HHS.gov was reimagined to provide the best possible experience for people looking for our information or services from anywhere, at any time.

To build trust in HHS and help people find the services and information they need, the reimagined site incorporates modern tile design and consistent branding, mobile-first, responsive design, simplified navigation, improved site search, social media integration, and dynamic content functionality to site visitors. HHS’s vision is of a consistent, positive, omni-channel brand experience.


Read guidelines on the proper usage of the color, dark gray, and black or white watermarked logo. Also find examples of incorrect usage of the HHS logo.

Color Palette

Find the HHS.gov minimalist color palette and learn how we visually communicate the brand and message as trustworthy.


Learn how HHS.gov clean, adaptable fonts increase the readability of content and help people focus on the information presented.

Button Styles

See how buttons have been sized to accommodate fingertips for touch interaction to avoid mis-taps, and how active, hover and inactive styles easily differentiate button states.

Table Styles

See an example of how HHS.gov responsive tables are designed to be clean and clear, making it easy to read tabular information.

Alert Messages

Find out how alerts notify people of critical information.


Find descriptions, benefits, and images of how HHS.gov uses Bootstrap’s responsive, mobile-first fluid grid system.
Content created by Digital Communications Division (DCD)
Content last reviewed on June 13, 2016