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Review Versus Remediation

Before making your document available to the public, it will need to be checked for compliancy. If you are in the Office of the Secretary, you must submit your document to the ASPA/DCD 508 team. Other STAFF/OPDIVs may also request the assistance of the ASPA/DCD 508 team.  Once submitted to this team, your document is either Reviewed or Remediated.  The following explains the parameters for each type of check:

Document Review

In general, our 508 team can review any submitted document for accessibility.  In addition to a manual review, the ASPA\DCD 508 team checks the files using various types of Assistive Technologies (AT) and software to ensure that the content is accessible to all users.  Once the review is complete, the team provides an audit report that indicates if any fixes are needed for the document to be accessible according to Federal Law. If changes are needed they are in the category of:

  1. Required Fixes (RFs): MUST be completed in order for the document to pass 508 compliance and HHS Accessibility Guidelines.
  2. Strong Encouraged Fixes (SEFs): Not required to pass, but they should be completed to make the document accessible to the fullest extent and draw from WCAG 2.0 guidelines, which will become the new Section 508 requirements.
  3. Encouraged Fixes (EFs): Will improve the accessibility of the file and would be nice to have completed if possible, but they relate only to best practices or Level AAA of WCAG 2.0. 

Document Remediation

If a document is remediated, our 508 team reviews the file and makes any needed changes to make the document accessible in accordance with Federal Law.  In general, if a group in the OS creates their own documents, then a remediation can be requested. Documents created by contractors are mostly eligible for review only.  However, please discuss with your ASPA-DCD Content Liaison for more details. Depending on the extent of the remediation, you might have to develop a task order.

Training to Make Your Documents Accessible

ASPA/DCD offers training to help you make your documents accessible.  To enroll, please contact Kelley Mesa, the Training Coordinator. For questions about a training course, please contact Anthony Prematta, the Project Manager for ASPA’s Section 508 Team.  All courses are 1 to 1.5 hours in length and held onsite at HHS Headquarters or online via GoToMeeting. For more information on the available trainings, please visit http://www.hhs.gov/web/508/training/index.html.


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Content last reviewed on January 30, 2015