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Web Requests

Submitting a Web Request

DCD provides web posting services to clients within the Office of the Secretary for HHS.gov websites and the HHS Intranet. Please review the information below and consult your liaison for more information about web posting services.

We complete all requests as quickly as possible. Because of the volume of requests we receive, however, we can't promise your materials will be published by the date you request.

Please submit requests as soon as possible to increase the likelihood that we can publish your materials by the requested date.

How long it takes us to complete your request depends on:

  • The amount of work: It takes more time to complete larger requests like adding new pages, editing large amounts of text, or working with tables, PDFs, or images.
  • Section 508-readiness: We cannot post any materials that do not meet Section 508 standards for accessibility to people with disabilities. It will take more time to complete your request if we have to scan and correct your materials for 508 compliance before we publish them. Learn more about Section 508 standards for websites.
  • The number of requests we have: If we have a large number of requests we will process your request as soon as we can. If we have a small number of requests we may complete your work before the date requested.

Tell your liaison if your content must legally be posted by a certain date.

Also, tell your liaison if the law or a policy prohibits your content from being posted before a certain date.

Web Update Checklist

Please use this web update checklist (PDF, 60kb) before you submit your request to your DCD liaison. This can help make the publication process more efficient and significantly reduce errors.

Large Documents

Speak with your DCD liaison before you post or request that we post large files.

Your liaison will help make sure your document complies with Section 508 accessibility rules. Your liaison will also tell our technical team your request is coming.

Content Accessibility

All content must comply with Section 508 requirements for accessibility for people with disabilities.

It will take us at least one day to check simple documents for full accessibility. It may take us several weeks to check and correct complex documents, such as those with tables or images, or long documents.

Learn more about what you can do to ensure your materials comply with Section 508 rules.

Document Format

Send content  in Microsoft Word format that you want published as a web page.

Send downloadable documents in as PDF files. Your PDF files must pass a full accessibility check before either we or you can publish them to a website. Get more information on making PDF files accessible for people with disabilities.

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Content last reviewed on August 19, 2015