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ASPA Digital Communication Division Contacts

For information on 508 Compliance Training or requests, please email 508helpdesk@hhs.gov.

Name Liaison Offices Websites Projects
Adewunmi, Shantoyia     Performance and Operations Branch Manager
Aspiazu, Coqui ACL, ACF, IHS, SAMHSA StopBullying.gov, HHS.gov/aspa, Aging.gov, HHS.gov/homeless, HHS.gov/leadership, HHS.gov/secretary, HHS.gov/autism Salesforce, Human Services, Engagement, Social Media, Terms of Service
Bronson, Samuel   Analytics for all DCD-managed sites Metrics & Analysis Program Manager, Fed Web Council, HHS Analytics Community of Practice, Contract Analytics Team Lead, Analytics Software Mgt.
Dine, Brooke Intranet, ASA, ITIO, OCIO, OGA, OGC  HHS.gov/ocio, Intranet  
Geiler, Christen     Structured Content, Syndication
Hamilton, Anthony     Cloud/Infrastructure Management; Security, EPLC
Hill, Stephanie ASPA, FDA, CDC, NIH HHS.gov/blog, HHS.gov/Opioids, HHS.gov/Zika Public Health Team (ASPR, CDC, FDA, NIH, OASH, OGA) Digital Engagement (embed), Snapchat
Karakcheyev, Olexiy (Alex)     Web Applications and databases, Syndication, Enterprise Maps, Search Management, Structured Content, Forms & Widgets, Enterprise Software Licenses, Security Scan Requests, Akamai (backup), EPLC, Percussion management, Section 508 for HHS.gov and 508 scanning tool
Messner, Katie CMS, ASH Immediate Office, OAH, ODPHP, OHAIDP (including BTSA, Tick-Borne Illnesses, and Hepatitis), OHRP, OMH, OPA, OSG (including USPHS), ORI, PCSBI Usability.gov, SurgeonGeneral.gov, BeTobaccoFree.gov, Health.gov, HHS.gov/LGBT, HIV.gov, HHS.gov/ash, HHS.gov/oah, HHS.gov/ohrp, HHS.gov/opa, HHS.gov/hepatitis, HealthyPeople.gov, Bioethics.gov User-centered design and practices, UX Team Manager, UX testing and tools
Palczewski, Andrew CMS, ACA Law, AHRQ, IEA HHS.gov/healthcare, HHS.gov/live, HHS.gov/web/social-media Healthcare, HHS Social Media, YouTube, Flickr
Palosky, Stacey     Acting Deputy Director for DCD
Smith, Kelley ASFR, CTO, OWH (including CFSAC), ASPE, FOIA ASPE.HHS.gov, HHS.gov/idealab, WomensHealth.gov, HHS.gov/FOIA, Youth.gov Process Improvement, Archiving
Sun, Eric   FreshEmpire.gov and TheRealCost.gov post-launch support Authentication Management System (AMS), Akamai, Drupal management, Open Source, SSL Certificate, JIRA Ticketing System, Google Apps, HD Video Streaming, EPLC

Vaccines.gov, HHS.gov/Climate, HHS.gov/DigitalStrategy, HHS.gov/Environmental-Justice, HHS.gov/grants, HHS.gov/Open, HHS.gov/Web

Content Branch Manager, Continuous Improvement
Weber, Mark     Acting Director for DCD
Williams, Vanessa     Domain Name Management, DNS Tracking and Management, BPA liaison, Business Support for Performance Tracking, UFMS support and contract records management


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Content last reviewed on November 29, 2018