HHS Special Interest Areas Planned FY 2015 Inventory Analysis

The HHS Service Acquisition Initiative (SAI) Teams will review services contracts and focus the 15 Product Service Codes (PSC) identified as “Special Interest Functions” by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP)  memorandum on “Service Contract Inventories,” dated November 5, 2010.

The Department will evaluate eight additional codes of interest, which hold the largest obligations.

OMB Identified PSCs

PSC Code Product Service Name
B505 Special Studies/Analysis- Cost Benefit
D302 It and Telecom- Systems Development
D307 It and Telecom- It Strategy and Architecture
D310 It and Telecom- Cyber Security and Data Backup
D314 It and Telecom- System Acquisition Support
R406 Support- Professional: Policy Review/Development
R407 Program Evaluation Services
R408 Support- Professional: Program Management/Support
R409 Program Review/Development Services
R413 Support- Professional: Specifications Development
R414 Systems Engineering Services
R423 Support- Professional: Intelligence
R425 Support- Professional: Engineering/Technical
R497 Support- Professional: Personal Services Contracts
R707 Support- Management: Contract/Procurement/Acquisition Support

HHS Special Interest Functions

PSC Code Product Service Name
R499 Support- Professional: Other
D399 It and Telecom- Other IT and Telecommunications
G007 Social- Government Health Insurance Programs
AN11 R&D- Medical: Biomedical (Basic Research)
AN13 R&D- Medical: Biomedical (Advanced Development)
M181 Operation of  Government  R&D GOCO Facilities
AN12 R&D- Medical: Biomedical (Applied Research/Exploratory Development)
D306 IT and Telecom- Systems Analysis
D308 IT and Telecom- Programming
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