HHS Special Interest Areas Planned FY 2014 Service Contract Inventory Analysis

In FY2015, the HHS Service Acquisition Initiative (SAI) Teams will review services contracts and focus on three categories of special interest functions which have been identified as a result of the FY2013 and FY 2014 analyses. The special interest areas are as follows:

  1. OMB Special Interest Functions – based upon Product and Service Codes (PSC) designated by OMB/OFPP as being of high-risk federal-wide;
  2. HHS Special Interest Functions – HHS supplemented the OMB list of Special Interest Functions by identifying the PSCs where HHS had a high overall dollar- value of service contract awards as reported in its FY2014 inventory; a particular management interest, such as studies and legal services; or individual contracts of a high-value; and
  3. “Other Services” Acquisitions – based upon HHS’ FY 2014 acquisition spending by the generic services (PSC) designations (i.e., R499 – other professional services; R699 – other administrative; R799 – other management support services; and PSC code D399, other ADP and teleconferencing); several of which were within the top ten highest overall dollar-value PSCs for FY2014.

To learn about contract spending in these areas, see the HHS FY 2014 Service Contract Inventory Summary Analysis

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