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2017 Board Decisions

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An asterisk (*) at the end of the link to a Board decision indicates that the decision was appealed and a federal court decision was issued.

2017.12.28; DAB2841; County of Fresno *
2017.12.28; DAB2840; Sirri A. Nomo-Ongolog, M.D. *
2017.12.26; DAB2839; Amilcar Alberto Alves
2017.12.21; DAB2838; Dennis McGinty, PT *
2017.12.19; DAB2837; Acute Cae Homenursing Services, Inc.
2017.12.18; DAB2836; Summit S. Shah, M.D.
2017.11.30; DAB2835; Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
2017.11.21; DAB2834; Francis J. Cinelli, Sr., D.O.
2017.11.17; DAB2833; Kimberly Dawn Inman
2017.11.17; DAB2832; Valentine Okonkwo
2017.11.07; DAB2831; Red Brick Liquors Corp. d/b/a Red Brick Liquors
2017.11.06; DAB2830; Avon Nursing Home
2017.10.31; DAB2829; Heritage Plaza Nursing Center
2017.10.26; DAB2828; Daniel Koshy d/b/a 7-Eleven 11321
2017.10.26; DAB2827; FC and G, Inc. d/b/a Summit Cigar
2017.10.13; DAB2826; Donna Maneice, M.D.
2017.10.11; DAB2825; Paresh R. Patel
2017.10.02; DAB2824; Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System *
2017.09.29; DAB2823; Richard Weinberger, M.D., and Barbara Vizy, M.D.
2017.09.28; DAB2822; Christina B. Paylan, M.D.
2017.09.26; DAB2821; Dike H. Ajiri
2017.09.15; RUL2017-5; Willie Goffney, Jr., M.D.
2017.09.15; DAB2820; Wesley Medical Center, LLC, d/b/a Galichia Heart Hospital
2017.09.15; DAB2819; Avalon Place Trinity *
2017.09.15; DAB2818; Day Op of North Nassau, Inc.
2017.09.14; DAB2817; Baba Jawala Singh II, Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven Store 26065A
2017.09.08; DAB2816; Integrated Nursing & Health Services, Inc.
2017.09.01; DAB2815; AK, Inc. d/b/a Tesoro
2017.09.01; DAB2814; LCD Complaint: Bioengineered Skin Substitutes for the Treatment of Diabetic and Venous Stasis Ulcers
2017.08.24; DAB2813; Sawa Tobacco, Inc. d/b/a Orlando Cigar and Tobacco Shop
2017.08.21; DAB2812; Deli-Icious Catering, Inc. d/b/a Convenient Food Mart
2017.08.18; DAB2811; Fairway Medical Clinic & Shadow Creek Medical Clinic *
2017.08.10; DAB2810; Dina Monster, Inc., d/b/a D.C.’s Downtown
2017.07.28; DAB2809; Chaturbhai B. Patel, M.D.
2017.07.27; DAB2808; Florida Agency for Health Care Administration
2017.07.28; DAB2807; Robert Hadley Gross
2017.07.21; DAB2806; Mr. Neb, LLC
2017.07.24; DAB2805; Decatur Health Imaging, LLC
2017.07.24; DAB2804; Kimberly Shipper, P.A. *
2017.07.20; DAB2803; NMS Healthcare of Hagerstown, LLC
2017.07.17; DAB2802; Lindsay Zamis, M.D., a Professional Corporation
2017.07.13; DAB2801; Eunice Terrell Boone
2017.06.28; DAB2800; Lena Lasher, aka Lena Contang aka Lena Congtang *
2017.06.22; DAB2799; Saeed A. Bajwa, M.D.
2017.06.19; DAB2798; East End Kitchen and Market, LLC
2017.06.16; DAB2797; Community Action Agency of Central Alabama
2017.06.15; DAB2796; James W. Marshall, Jr., D.O. *
2017.06.15; DAB2795; Angel Kidney Care of Inglewood, Inc.
2017.05.26; DAB2794; Fireside Lodge Retirement Center, Inc.
2017.05.26; DAB2793; James Shepard, M.D.
2017.05.18; RUL2017-4; Adora Healthcare Services, Inc., Ruling on Request for Reconsideration
2017.05.18; DAB2792; Kindred Transitional Care and Rehab - Greenfield
2017.05.18; DAB2791; West Side House LTC Facility
2017.05.15; DAB2790; Teaching and Mentoring Communities, Inc.
2017.05.15; DAB2789; Covington Manor Nursing Home
2017.05.10; RUL2017-3; Charles Brian Griffin, Ruling on Request for Reconsideration
2017.04.28; DAB2788; Hussein Awada, M.D.
2017.04.27; DAB2787; Hartford HealthCare at Home, Inc.
2017.04.19; DAB2786; ProMedical Equipment Supplies, LLC
2017.04.14; DAB2785; Miracle Deeds Medical Supplies, LLC
2017.04.10; DAB2784; Nightingale Home Healthcare, Inc.
2017.04.13; DAB2783; Axion Healthcare Services, LLC
2017.04.14; DAB2782; LCD Complaint: Glucose Monitors
2017.04.05; DAB2781; HeartFlow, Inc.
2017.03.31; DAB2780; New Jersey Department of Human Services
2017.03.30; DAB2779; Norman Johnson, M.D.
2017.03.30; DAB2778; Vamet Consulting & Medical Services
2017.03.22; DAB2777; Great Lakes HealthCare, LLC
2017.03.14; DAB2776; Robert E. Feiss, M.D.
2017.03.06; DAB2775; Kathy and Johnny, Inc., d/b/a Conoco at Brighton Boulevard/Shell
2017.03.03; DAB2774; Lifehouse of Riverside Healthcare Center
2017.02.27; DAB2773; Foot Specialists of Northridge
2017.02.22; DAB2772; Melissa Michelle Phalora
2017.02.10; DAB2771; Bivins Memorial Nursing Home
2017.02.09; DAB2770; Bright Beginnings for Kittitas County
2017.02.07; RUL2017-2; New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, Ruling on Request for Reconsideration
2017.02.07; DAB2769; Wendell Foo, M.D.
2017.02.03; DAB2768; Golden Living Center – Superior
2017.01.26; DAB2767; Gracia L. Mayard, M.D.
2017.01.26; RUL2017-1; Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County, Inc., Ruling on Request for Reconsideration
2017.01.25; DAB2766; Jersey City Medical Supplies, Inc.
2017.01.23; DAB2765; Kermit E. White, M.D. & Kermit E. White, M.D., P.C.
2017.01.17; DAB2764; Med-Care Diabetic & Medical Supplies, Inc.
2017.01.23; DAB2763; Willie Goffney, Jr., M.D.
2017.01.13; DAB2762; Dora O. Uwudia
2017.01.06; DAB2761; Sharon Brown
2017.01.06; DAB2760; Pamela J. Cortez a/k/a Pamela J. Cruz
2017.01.06; DAB2759; Robert Kolbusz, M.D.
2017.01.06; DAB2758; Joshua Ranjit Inc. d/b/a 7-Eleven 10326

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