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2016 Board Decisions

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An asterisk (*) at the end of the link to a Board decision indicates that the decision was appealed and a federal court decision was issued.

2016.12.29; DAB2757; Central Mississippi, Inc.
2016.12.27; DAB2756; Littlefield Hospitality
2016.12.22; DAB2755; Eduardo Miranda, M.D.
2016.12.15; DAB2754; Middletown Community Health Center, Inc.
2016.12.15; DAB2753; Horace Bledsoe, M.D. and Bledsoe Family Medicine
2016.12.08; DAB2752; Access Foot Care, Inc., and Robert Metnick, D.P.M.
2016.12.08; DAB2751; Puerto Rico Department of the Family
2016.11.18; DAB2750; George M. Young, M.D.
2016.11.14; DAB2749; Central Kansas Cancer Institute
2016.11.14; DAB2748; Russell L. Reitz, M.D.
2016.11.01; DAB2747; Mahin Oil Co., d/b/a Valero
2016.11.01; DAB2746; Vasudevay LLC, d/b/a Town News and Tobacco
2016.10.31; DAB2745; Clemenceau Theophilus Acquaye
2016.10.27; DAB2744; Angelo D. Calabrese, M.D.
2016.10.25; DAB2743; Wills Eye Hospital *
2016.10.21; DAB2742; J. Peaceful, L.C. d/b/a Town Market
2016.10.18; DAB2741; Mohamed Basel Aswad, M.D. *
2016.10.03; DAB2740; Robert C. Hartnett
2016.09.27; DAB2739; Child Care Associates
2016.09.22; DAB2738; Crawford Healthcare and Rehabilitation
2016.09.22; DAB2737; New Jersey Department of Human Services
2016.09.22; DAB2736; Christy Nichols Frugia
2016.09.20; DAB2735; Leroy Manor
2016.09.20; DAB2734; Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
2016.09.19; DAB2733; Charles Brian Griffin
2016.09.02; DAB2732; New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance
2016.08.24; DAB2731; Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County, Inc.
2016.08.19; DAB2730; Alexander C. Gatzimos, MD, JD, LLC d/b/a Michiana Adult Medical Specialists
2016.08.18; DAB2729; Amber Mullins, N.P.
2016.08.16; DAB2728; John P. McDonough III, Ph.D., Geriatric Psychological Specialists, and GPS II, LLC
2016.08.08; DAB2727; Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services *
2016.08.08; DAB2726; Farzana Begum, M.D. *
2016.07.26; DAB2725; Patrick Brueggeman, D.P.M.
2016.07.26; DAB2724; William Wyttenbach, M.D.
2016.07.21; DAB2723; Care Pro Home Health, Inc.
2016.07.18; DAB2722; Sammy W. Kidd
2016.07.15; DAB2721; Rosewood Care Center of Swansea *
2016.07.07; DAB2720; Campesinos Unidos, Inc. (CUI)
2016.07.06; DAB2719; City of Sugar Land
2016.06.30; DAB2718; Council for the Spanish Speaking, Inc.
2016.06.30; DAB2717; Orton Motor Co., d/b/a Orton's Bagley *
2016.06.30; DAB2716; Alabama Medicaid Agency
2016.06.30; DAB2715; Seneca Nation of Indians
2016.06.20; DAB2714; Adora Healthcare Services, Inc.
2016.06.15; DAB2713; Sunview Care & Rehab Center LLC
2016.06.15; DAB2712; Sharon Guei a/k/a Sharon Wells
2016.06.08; DAB2711; Atu Karamchandani d/b/a Sunoco
2016.06.03; DAB2710; Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
2016.06.02; DAB2709; Spyros N. Panos, M.D.
2016.06.02; DAB2708; Sandra E. Johnson, CRNA
2016.06.01; DAB2707; Boris Sachakov, M.D.
2016.05.25; DAB2706; Family Dollar Stores of Florida, Inc.
2016.05.24; DAB2705; T and M United Corporation d/b/a BP Shop
2016.05.24; DAB2704; Laura Leyva
2016.05.20; DAB2703; Southpark Meadows Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
2016.05.19; DAB2702; Francisco Cintron-Acevedo
2016.05.19; DAB2701; Derilyn Serrano-Bernacet
2016.05.17; DAB2700; King Chevron Food Mart, Inc.
2016.05.17; DAB2699; A1 Murray Oil LLC d/b/a Arco Cornell / AM PM
2016.05.17; DAB2698; IM Woodmoor, Inc., d/b/a Woodmoor Shell
2016.05.17; DAB2697; Tiverton Convenience Point, Inc., d/b/a State Line Tobacco Convenience
2016.05.17; DAB2696; Walnut C-Store, LLC, d/b/a Walnut C-Store/Marathon Food Center
2016.05.17; DAB2695; Michael Food Market, Inc. d/b/a Michael’s Grocery
2016.05.17; DAB2694; Safeway Inc. d/b/a Safeway Fuel Store 4404
2016.05.17; DAB2693; Kathy and Johnny, Inc., d/b/a Conoco at Brighton Blvd/Shell
2016.05.12; DAB2692; Pearsall Nursing and Rehabilitation Center - North
2016.04.29; DAB2691; Jomimi's, Inc., d/b/a/ Git-N-Go 2
2016.04.28; DAB2690; Viora Home Health, Inc.
2016.04.25; DAB2689; John M. Shimko, D.P.M.
2016.04.19; App. Dkt. No. A-16-25; Recommended Decision - Denisse Del Pilar Bonilla
2016.04.19; App. Dkt. No. A-16-24; Recommended Decision - Javier Bonilla
2016.04.19; DAB2688; Zille Shah, M.D., and Zille Huma Zaim, M.D., PA *
2016.04.19; DAB2687; Mohammad Nawaz, M.D., and Mohammad Zaim, M.D., PA *
2016.04.14; DAB2686; Advance Group LLC 
2016.04.14; DAB2685; Donald Dolce, M.D.
2016.04.08; DAB2684; MedStar Health, Inc.
2016.03.24; RUL2016-2; Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Ruling on Request for Reconsideration *
2016.03.24; DAB2683; Kimbrell Colburn
2016.03.18; DAB2682; Southeastern Michigan Health Association
2016.03.18; DAB2681; Missouri Department of Social Services
2016.03.11; DAB2680; Zahid Imran, M.D.
2016.03.10; DAB2679; AR Testing Corp.
2016.03.09; DAB2678; KKNJ, Inc. d/b/a Tobacco Hut 12
2016.02.11; DAB2677; Missouri Department of Social Services
2016.02.10; DAB2676; Consolidated Community Resources, Inc.
2016.01.26; DAB2675; Blackfeet Tribe
2016.01.26; DAB2674; Webster Parish Policy Jury
2016.01.26; DAB2673; Promptcare New England Respiratory LLC
2016.01.15; DAB2672; Vijendra Dave, M.D.
2016.01.08; App. Dkt. No. A-15-105; Recommended Decision - Salvatore Cappetta


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