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2015 Board Decisions

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An asterisk (*) at the end of the link to a Board decision indicates that the decision was appealed and a federal court decision was issued.

2015.12.22; DAB2671; Texas Tech Physician Associates *
2015.12.16; App. Dkt. No. A-15-95; Recommended Decision - Richard Lee Carlson
2015.12.16; DAB2670; Gulf Coast Community Action Agency, Inc.
2015.12.11; RUL2016-1; Teaching and Mentoring Communities, Inc., Ruling on Motion for Clarification Or, In The Alternative, Reconsideration
2015.12.11; DAB2669; Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare *
2015.12.10; DAB2668; TOH, Inc. d/b/a Ridgeville Service Center
2015.11.30; App. Dkt. No. A-15-104; Recommended Decision - Michelle Valent
2015.11.18; DAB2667; Baldwin Ihenacho
2015.11.06; DAB2666; Janet R. Constantino
2015.10.30; DAB2665; Igor Mitreski, M.D.
2015.10.28; DAB2664; Arkansas Department of Human Services
2015.10.27; DAB2663; Douglas Bradley, M.D.
2015.10.14; DAB2662; University of California
2015.10.08; DAB2661; Deann Worthington, NP
2015.10.08; App. Dkt. No. A-15-99; Recommended Decision - Gregory F. Antone
2015.10.07; DAB2660; Retail LLC d/b/a Super Buy Rite
2015.09.30; DAB2659; Dr. Arenia C. Mallory Community Health Center, Inc.
2015.09.28; DAB2658; Proteam Healthcare, Inc.
2015.09.25; DAB2657; E Center
2015.09.23; DAB2656; Nenice Marie Andrews
2015.09.08; DAB2655; Mark S. Blankenship
2015.09.03; DAB2654; The Peaks Care Center
2015.09.02; DAB2653; Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare *
2015.09.01; DAB2652; West Texas LTC Partners, Inc., d/b/a Cedar Manor
2015.08.26; DAB2651; Carla Elaine Schick
2015.08.11; DAB2650; Stanley Beekman, D.P.M.
2015.08.07; DAB2649; George John Schulte
2015.07.15; DAB2648; Shaikh M. Hasan, M.D.
2015.07.21; RUL2015-2; Delta Health Alliance, Inc.; Ruling on Reconsideration for Decision No. 2624
2015.06.30; DAB2647; William Smith, Sr. Tri-County Child Development Council, Inc.
2015.06.30; DAB2646; Marcia M. Snodgrass, APRN
2015.06.30; DAB2645; St. George Health Care Center
2015.06.22; DAB2644; Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
2015.06.17; DAB2643; Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
2015.06.11; DAB2642; Penobscot Nursing Home
2015.06.10; DAB2641; Erick Antoine Falconer, M.D.
2015.06.05; DAB2640; Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
2015.06.03; App. Dkt. No. A-15-62; Recommended Decision - Anita Kennedy
2015.05.29; DAB2639; Kearney Regional Medical Center, L.L.C. *
2015.05.26; DAB2638; Richard E. Bohner *
2015.05.19; DAB2637; New York State Department of Health
2015.05.12; DAB2636; Teaching and Mentoring Communities, Inc.
2015.05.12; DAB2635; Eugene Goldman, M.D., a/k/a Yevgeniy Goldman, M.D.
2015.05.01; DAB2634; Better Living/Better Health LLC
2015.04.17; DAB2633; Grace Living Center – Northwest OKC
2015.04.16; DAB2632; UpturnCare Co., d/b/a Accessible Home Health Care
2015.04.13; DAB2631; Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare *
2015.03.30; DAB2630; Earl Braunlin, M.D.
2015.03.30; DAB2629; Ronald Paul Belin, DPM
2015.03.27; DAB2628; Owens Valley Career Development Center
2015.03.24; DAB2627; River City Care Center *
2015.03.19; DAB2626; Brian K. Ellefsen, DO
2015.03.16; DAB2625; Central Alabama Comprehensive Health, Inc.
2015.03.12; DAB2624; Delta Health Alliance, Inc.
2015.03.10; DAB2623; Bright Beginnings for Kittitas County
2015.03.03; DAB2622; Sonoma Prosthetic Eyes *
2015.02.24; DAB2621; Samir F. Zaky, DPM
2015.02.24; App. Dkt. No. A-15-42; Recommended Decision - Leigh-Davis Glass
2015.02.23; DAB2620; BGI Retirement, LLC, d/b/a 
2015.02.20; DAB2619; Brenham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center *
2015.02.18; DAB2618; Borger I Enterprises, LLC, d/b/a
2015.01.21; DAB2617; Baylor County Hospital District d/b/a Seymour Hospital *
2015.01.16; DAB2616; Arnold Roth
2015.01.15; DAB2615; Dr. S.A. Brooks, DPM
2015.01.12; RUL2015-1; Ridgeview Hospital, Ruling on Motion for Reconsideration of Decision No. 2593
2015.01.07; DAB2614; Robert Seung-Bok Lee

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