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2014 Board Decisions

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An asterisk (*) at the end of the link to a Board decision indicates that the decision was appealed and a federal court decision was issued.

2014.12.30; DAB2613; NCD 160.18 Vagus Nerve Stimulation
2014.12.24; DAB2612; National Alliance on Mental Illness
2014.12.22; DAB2611; Pinebelt Association for Community Enhancement
2014.12.18; DAB2610; Mark Koch, D.O.
2014.12.18; DAB2609; Marcus Singel, D.P.M.
2014.12.18; DAB2608; Bright Beginnings for Kittitas County
2014.12.17; DAB2607; Potentia Namibia Recruitment Consultancy
2014.10.10; DAB2606; Salvatore Cappetta
2014.12.02; DAB2605; Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems, Inc.
2014.11.24; DAB2604; Michelle Valent *
2014.11.24; DAB2603; NMS Healthcare of Hagerstown
2014.11.12; DAB2602; Emannuel Adebayo Ayodele
2014.11.12; DAB2601; Juan M. Rios, M.D.
2014.11.05; DAB2600; Christopher Switlyk
2014.10.22; App. Dkt. No. A-14-98; Recommended Decision - Cassandra Ballew
2014.10.17; DAB2599; Kern Valley Indian Community
2014.10.04; DAB2598; Ridgecrest Healthcare
2014.09.29; DAB2597; Precision Prosthetic, Inc.
2014.09.29; DAB2596; Citadel Community Development Corporation
2014.09.29; DAB2595; Piedmont Community Actions, Inc.
2014.09.29; DAB2594; Orthopaedic Surgery Associates
2014.09.24; DAB2593; Ridgeview Hospital
2014.09.15; DAB2592; Ronald J. Grason, M.D.*
2014.09.09; DAB2591; Ortho Rehab Designs Prosthetics and Orthotics, Inc.
2014.09.05; DAB2590; Mental Health Association of Oregon
2014.09.04; DAB2589; Missouri Department of Social Services
2014.08.20; DAB2588; Keller Orthotics, Inc.
2014.08.04; DAB2587; Leo Parrino
2014.08.04; DAB2586; Riverview Psychiatric Center *
2014.07.24; DAB2585; Cornerstone Medical, Inc.
2014.07.22; DAB2584; Michael J. Vogini, D.O.
2014.07.08; DAB2583; Detroit Wayne Mental Health Authority
2014.07.08; RUL2014-4; Texas Neighborhood Services, Inc., Ruling on Request for Reconsideration for Decision No. 2571
2014.06.30; DAB2582; Rutland Nursing Home
2014.06.14; DAB2581; Betty Jean Kerr People’s Health Center
2014.06.12; App. Dkt. A-14-62; Recommended Decision - Carolyn Cole
2014.06.30; DAB2580; Wesley Medical Center, LLC, d/b/a Galichia Heart Hospital
2014.06.27; DAB2579; Centro Radiologico Rolon, Inc.
2014.06.11; DAB2578; Blossom South Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
2014.06.11; DAB2577; Norporo Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc.
2014.05.30; DAB2576; NCD 140.3, Transsexual Surgery
2014.05.29; DAB2575; Tri-County Medical Center, Inc.
2014.05.27; RUL2014-3; Colorado Department of health Care Policy and Financing, Ruling on Request for Reconsideration of Decision No. 2558
2014.05.27; DAB2574 Child Development Council of Acadiana, Inc.
2014.05.14; DAB2573; Neb Group of Arizona LLC
2014.05.14; DAB2572; Benson Ejindu, d/b/a Joy Medical Supply
2014.05.09; DAB2571; Texas Neighborhood Services, Inc. *
2014.05.08; DAB2570; Honey Grove Nursing Center *
2014.04.17; DAB2569; Avalon Place Kirbyville
2014.04.11; DAB2568; Subramanya K. Prasad, M.D.
2014.03.31; DAB2567; Green Oaks Health and Rehabilitation Center
2014.03.25; RUL2014-2; West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Ruling on CMS's Request for Reconsideration of Decision No. 2536
2014.03.25; DAB2566; Heritage House of Marshall Health & Rehabilitation Center
2014.03.25; DAB2565; Jacksonville Urban League
2014.03.24; DAB2564; John Hartman, D.O.
2014.03.24; DAB2563; Karthik Ramaswamy, M.D. *
2014.03.24; DAB2562; Liberty Laboratory, Inc.
2014.03.19; DAB2561; Apollo Behavioral Health Hospital, L.L.C.
2014.03.12; RUL2014-1; Meadowwood Nursing Center, Ruling on Petition for Reopening of Board Decision No. 2541
2014.03.05; DAB2560; Raymond Lamont Shoemaker
2014.03.05; DAB2559; Avoyelles Progress Action Committee, Inc.
2014.02.18; DAB2558; Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
2014.02.04; DAB2557; Community Action Partnership - Huntsville/Madison and Limestone Counties, Inc.
2014.01.30; DAB2556; Community Medical and Dental Care, Inc.
2014.01.03; DAB2555; Perry County Nursing Center *

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