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2013 Board Decisions

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An asterisk (*) at the end of the link to a Board decision indicates that the decision was appealed and a federal court decision was issued.

2013.12.24; DAB2554; Louis J. Gaefke, D.P.M.
2013.12.20; DAB2553; Janine L. Wright
2013.12.20; DAB2552; Rhode Island Department of Human Services
2013.12.17; DAB2551; Dinesh Patel, M.D.
2013.12.16; DAB2550; Amir Tadros
2013.12.13; DAB2549; William Smith Sr. Tri-County Child Development Council, Inc.
2013.12.12; DAB2548; Motivation Education & Training, Inc.
2013.12.03; DAB2546; Missouri Department of Social Services
2013.12.02: DAB2545; Hanover Home Health Care, LLC 
2013.11.22: DAB2544; The Research Foundation for The State University of New York 
2013.11.19: DAB2543; Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now, Inc. 
2013.11.19: DAB2542; Realhab, Inc. 
2013.11.18: DAB2541; Meadowwood Nursing Center 
2013.11.13: DAB2540; Ollie Futrell 
2013.10.18: DAB2539; Bartley Healthcare Nursing and Rehabilitation 
2013.09.30; DAB2538; Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Health and Human Services
2013.09.23; DAB2537; Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska
2013.09.20; DAB2536; West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources
2013.09.18; DAB2534; Kings Community Action Organization
2013.09.16; DAB2533; Juan de Leon, Jr.
2013.09.03; DAB2532; Black River Area Development Corporation
2013.08.23; DAB2531; The Orthotic Center, Inc.
2013.08.21; DAB2530; James O. Boothe
2013.08.14; DAB2529; West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources
2013.08.08; App. Dkt. No. A-13-78; Recommended Decision - Mahd Khalil Ismail Muhareb
2013.08.05; DAB2528; Ezinne U. Ubani
2013.08.01; DAB2527; Howard B. Reife, D.P.M
2013.07.30; DAB2526; Gena C. Randolph
2013.07.29; DAB2525; Complete Home Care, Inc.
2013.07.11; DAB2524; Lorrie Laurel, PT
2013.07.03; DAB2523; Vanguard Vascular & Vein, PLLC, Trent E. Proffitt, M.D., and Franklin S. Yau, M.D.
2013.06.28; DAB2522; Glenoaks Nursing Center
2013.06.28; DAB2521; Georgia Department of Community Health *
2013.06.26; DAB2520; White Sulphur Springs Center
2013.06.25; App. Dkt. No. A-13-53; Recommended Decision - Nancy Whitehead
2013.06.24; DAB2519; I & S Healthcare Services, LLC
2013.06.21; DAB2518; New Jersey Department of Human Services
2013.06.17; DAB2517; Steven Barry Greenman
2013.06.13; DAB2516; AmASSI Health & Cultural Center
2013.06.04; DAB2515; New York State Office of Children & Family Services
2013.05.31; DAB2514; Galveston County Community Action Council, Inc.
2013.05.14; DAB2513; Springhill Senior Residence
2013.05.14; DAB2512; Beth Ann Lee, R.N.
2013.05.13; App. Dkt. No. A-13-12; Recommended Decision - James M. Nicolaw
2013.05.10; DAB2511; Deltona Health Care
2013.05.06; DAB2510; Golden Living Center - Foley
2013.04.23; DAB2509; Wolverine State Inpatient Services
2013.04.19; DAB2508; New Jersey Department of Human Services
2013.04.10; DAB2507; Hanover Hill Health Care Center
2013.04.08; DAB2506; The Children's Center, Inc
2013.03.28; DAB2505; Columbus Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
2013.03.22; DAB2504; Meridian Nursing & Rehab at Shrewsbury *
2013.03.22; DAB2503; In re CMS LCD Complaint:  Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation PTNS (L28457)
2013.03.20; DAB2502; In re CMS LCD Complaint: Category III CPT Codes (L25275)
2013.03.11; DAB2501; Haissam Elzaim, M.D. Southern Texas Physician Network HSE Orthopaedic Surgery Clinic
2013.03.07; DAB2500; In re CMS LCD Complaint: Noncovered Services (LCD 29288)
2013.02.27; DAB2499; In re CMS LCD Complaint: LCD L29288
2013.02.27; DAB2498; Buena Vista Care Center
2013.02.27; DAB2497; New Jersey Department of Health
2013.02.21; DAB2496; Crow Creek Sioux Tribe
2013.02.04; DAB2495; Conchita Jackson, M.D.
2013.02.01; DAB2494; East Chicago Community Health Center
2013.01.08; DAB2493; Ridgecrest Healthcare Center

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