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2011 Board Decisions

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An asterisk (*) at the end of the link to a Board decision indicates that the decision was appealed and a federal court decision was issued.

2011.12.30; DAB2434; Liberty Health & Rehab of Indianola, LLC.
2011.12.23; DAB2433; Libertywood Nursing Center *
2011.12.23; DAB2432; Center for Enterprise Community Initiatives and Development, Inc.
2011.12.22; DAB2431; Omni Manor Nursing Home *
2011.12.21; DAB2430; Charice D. Curtis
2011.12.20; DAB2429; Akram A. Ismail, M.D.
2011.12.13; DAB2428; Jose Maria de Leon, Jr.
2011.12.08; DAB2427; Chateau Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
2011.12.06; DAB2426; Plott Nursing Home *
2011.12.06; DAB2425; Elgin Nursing and Rehabilitation Center *
2011.12.05; DAB2424; Merrimack County Nursing Home
2011.12.02; DAB2423; Ohio Department of Administrative Services
2011.11.22; DAB2422; Yakima Valley School
2011.11.21; DAB2421; Board of Education of Topeka Public Schools
2011.11.07; DAB2420; Tenderloin Health
2011.10.31; DAB2419; Health Connect at Home
2011.10.21; DAB2418; NCD Complaint - Intraocular Lens (CMS Ruling 05-01)
2011.10.27; DAB2417; Arkady B. Stern, M.D.
2011.10.14; RUL2012-2; New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
2011.10.14; RUL2012-1; Mark B. Kabins, M.D.
2011.09.30; RUL2011-5; Puerto Rico Department of Health; Ruling on Request for Consideration of Decision No. 2385
2011.09.30; DAB2416; Craig Richard Wilder, M.D.
2011.09.29; DAB2415; New Jersey Department of Human Services
2011.09.23; DAB2414; Briarwood Community Mental Health Center
2011.09.22; DAB2413; Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
2011.09.19; DAB2412; Sheldon Pinsky, Ph.D., LICSW
2011.09.09; DAB2411; Agape Rehabilitation of Rock Hill
2011.09.01; DAB2410; Mark B. Kabins, M.D. *
2011.08.30; DAB2409; Family Voice of the District of Columbia
2011.08.25; DAB2408; Kamron Hakhamimi, M.D.
2011.08.22; DAB2407; Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
2011.08.16; DAB2406; CompRehab Wellness Group, Incorporated *
2011.08.15; DAB2405; Enitan Osagie Isiwele
2011.08.12; DAB2404; Texas Health and Human Services Commission
2011.08.05; DAB2403; Fort Madison Health Center
2011.08.02; DAB2402; Southlake Emergency Care Center
2011.07.26; DAB2401; National AIDS Education & Services for Minorities, Inc.
2011.07.21; DAB2400; Gulf South Medical & Surgical Institute, and Kenner Dermatology Clinic Inc.
2011.07.13; DAB2399; New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.
2011.06.30; DAB2398; Columbus Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 
2011.06.30; DAB2397; Owensboro Place Care and Rehabilitation Center
2011.06.30; DAB2396; Lakeridge Villa Healthcare Center
2011.06.30; DAB2395; Pepper Hill Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, LLC
2011.06.30; DAB2394; Longwood Healthcare Center
2011.06.29; DAB2393; Touch of Love Ministries, Inc.
2011.06.27; DAB2392; Resurrection Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
2011.06.27; DAB2391; Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare
2011.06.22; DAB2390; Cedar Lake Nursing Home *
2011.06.20; DAB2389; In re CMS LCD COMPLAINT: Wheelchair Options/Accessories (L11462) 
2011.06.17; DAB2388; Silverbrook Manor
2011.06.15; DAB2387; Cibola General Hospital
2011.06.15; DAB2386; Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families
2011.06.09; DAB2385; Puerto Rico Department of Health
2011.06.08; DAB2384; Cal Turner Extended Care Pavilion *
2011.06.03; DAB2383; Universal Health Care - King *
2011.05.23; DAB2382; Oceanside Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
2011.05.23; DAB2381; Donna Rogers
2011.05.18; DAB2380; Jewish Home of Eastern Pennsylvania *
2011.05.11; DAB2379; Virginia Department of Social Services
2011.05.02; DAB2378; Iowa Department of Human Services
2011.04.04; DAB2377; Jefferson Comprehensive Care System, Inc.
2011.04.01; DAB2376; North Lake Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
2011.03.31; DAB2375; Oaks of Mid City Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
2011.03.31; DAB2374; Omni Manor Nursing Home
2011.03.30; DAB2373; California Department of Health Care Services
2011.03.30; DAB2372; Grand Oaks Care Center
2011.03.29; DAB2371; Profound Health Care
2011.03.29; DAB2370; In re CMS LCD Complaint: Wheelchair Options/Accessories (L11451)
2011.03.29; DAB2369; Illinois Knights Templar Home
2011.03.24; DAB2368; Van Duyn Home and Hospital
2011.03.22; DAB2367; Life Care Center of Elizabethton
2011.03.15; DAB2366; Kenneth Schrager
2011.03.14; DAB2365; West Virginia Department of Health Human Resources *
2011.03.02; DAB2364; Golden Living Center - Grand Island Lakeview *
2011.02.25; RUL2011-4; Highland Pines Nursing Home, Ltd.
2011.02.17; DAB2363; E & I Medical Supply Services, Inc.
2011.02.17; App. Dkt. No. A-11-13; Recommended Decision - Latoshia Walker-May
2011.02.16; DAB2362; Steven Buckminster
2011.01.14; DAB2361; Highland Pines Nursing Home, Ltd.
2011.01.14; DAB2360; Michigan Department of Human Services
2011.01.13; DAB2359; Robert Young M.D.

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