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2008 Board Decisions

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An asterisk (*) at the end of the link to a Board decision indicates that the decision was appealed and a federal court decision was issued.

2008.12.31 DAB2224 Ioni D. Sisodia M.D.
2008.12.31 DAB2223 Claiborn-Hughes Health Center *
2008.12.31 DAB2222 Virginia Department of Medical Assistance *
2008.12.31 DAB2221 Shady Grove Adventist Hospital *
2008.12.31 DAB2220 Emem Dominic Ukpong
2008.12.31 DAB2219 District of Columbia Department of Health
2008.12.31 DAB2218 Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services *
2008.12.29 DAB2217 Abstinence for Singles/Urban Community Action Network
2008.12.29 DAB2216 Kansas Health Policy Authority
2008.12.17 DAB2215 Universal Healthcare/King
2008.12.16 DAB2214 Oakwood Community Center *
2008.12.16 DAB2213 Professional Counseling Resources, Inc.
2008.12.16 DAB2212 Ocean Springs Nursing Center
2008.12.08 DAB2211 Cary Frounfelter and Kast Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc.
2008.12.08 DAB2210 St. Joseph Villa Nursing Center
2008.11.26 DAB2209 The Windsor Place *
2008.11.07 DAB2208 Oregon Department of Human Services
2008.11.06 DAB2207 Native Village of Kotzebue
2008.10.31 DAB2206 Bluegrass Orthopaedics Surgical Division, LLC
2008.10.30 DAB2205 Regency on the Lake
2008.09.30 App. Div. Dkt. No. A-08-111 Recommended Decision — Steven Getchell
2008.09.30 DAB2204 California Dept of Health Care Services
2008.09.30 DAB2203 James Bell Associates, Inc.
2008.09.30 DAB2202 Edgemont Healthcare
2008.09.30 DAB2201 Arkansas Dept of Health & Human Resources *
2008.09.25 DAB2200 Northwest Tennessee Economic Development Council
2008.09.18 DAB2199 Green Hills Enterprises, LLC
2008.09.15 DAB2198 Florence Villa Community Development Corporation
2008.09.12 DAB2197 Benaroya Research Institute
2008.09.04 DAB2196 Letantia Bussell, M.D.
2008.08.28 DAB2195 Tamara Brown
2008.08.28 DAB2194 United Medical Home Care, Inc.
2008.08.26 DAB2193 Dialysis Center at Moreno Valley, Inc.
2008.08.21 DAB2192 Jennifer Matthew Nursing Rehabilitation Center *
2008.08.05 DAB2191 The Connector (Making the Connection), Inc.
2008.07.31 DAB2190 Brookshire Health Care Center
2008.07.30 DAB2189 Grace Healthcare of Benton *
2008.07.30 DAB2188 Apple Home Health Services, Inc.
2008.07.28 DAB2187 Texas Health and Human Services Commission
2008.07.28 DAB2186 Kenton Healthcare, LLC
2008.06.23 DAB2185 West Virginia Dept. of Human Resources *
2008.07.11 DAB2184 Missouri Department of Social Services
2008.07.10 DAB2183 Oklahoma Heart Hospital
2008.06.23 DAB2182 The Laurels at Forest Glenn
2008.06.23 DAB2181 Bradford County Manor
2008.06.18 DAB2180 Vance-Warren Comprehensive Health Plan, Inc.
2008.06.16 DAB2179 Claiborne-Hughes Health Center *
2008.06.02 DAB2178 Sheridan Health Care Center
2008.05.30 DAB2177 Nebraska Dept of Health and Human Services
2008.05.16 DAB2176 Texas Health and Human Services Commission
2008.05.16 DAB2175 Evergreen Commons
2008.05.07 DAB2174 Harlan Nursing Home
2008.05.02 RUL2008-5 Beverly Health Care Lumberton
2008.04.25 DAB2173 Meadowbrook Manor-Naperville *
2008.04.23 DAB2172 Woodland Village Nursing Center
2008.04.16 DAB2171 Michael S. Rudman, M.D. *
2008.04.07 DAB2170 Sunbridge Care and Rehabilitation for Pembroke *
2008.04.03 DAB2169 Robert F. Tzeng, M.D.
2008.03.31 DAB2168 Maine Department of Health and Human Services
2008.03.28 DAB2167 Oxford Manor
2008.03.27 DAB2166 Randall Dean Hopp
2008.03.27 DAB2165 Northeast Louisiana Delta Community Development Corporation
2008.03.24 DAB2164 Vladimir Kirkorov, M.D.
2008.03.24 DAB2163 TMJ Implants, Inc., Robert W. Christensen, and Maureen K. Mooney *
2008.03.21 DAB2162 Away From Home, Inc.
2008.03.17 DAB2161 Missouri Department of Social Services
2008.03.12 RUL2008-4 Oklahoma Health Care Authority
2008.03.11 DAB2160 L.I. Child and Family Development Services, Inc.
2008.03.04 DAB2159 New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department
2008.03.04 DAB2158 Minnesota Department of Human Services
2008.03.04 DAB2157 Minnesota Department of Human Services
2008.03.04 DAB2156 Beverly Health Care Lumberton *
2008.03.03 DAB2155 Sunset Manor *
2008.02.15 RUL2008-3 Minnesota Department of Human Services
2008.02.25 DAB2154 Hotel Reed Nursing Center *
2008.02.11 DAB2153 Wade Pediatrics *
2008.02.06 DAB2152 Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare *
2008.02.06 DAB2151 Chicago Ridge Nursing Center
2008.01.28 DAB2150 Maryland Department of Human Resources
2008.01.28 DAB2149 Bruno Choiniere
2008.01.22 DAB2148 Head Start Board of Directors
2008.01.16 DAB2147 Martha and Mary Lutheran Services
2008.01.14 DAB2146 Premier Living and Rehab Center
2008.01.10 DAB2145 The Cottage Extended Care Center *
2008.01.09 DAB2144 Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles
2008.01.08 DAB2143 Kevin J. Bowers *
2008.01.07 DAB2142 Mark C. Sorensen, M.D.
2008.01.02 DAB2141 Arlington Community Action Program, Inc.

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