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2007 Board Decisions

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An asterisk (*) at the end of the link to a Board decision indicates that the decision was appealed and a federal court decision was issued.

2007.08.14 App. Div. Dkt. No. A-07-109 Recommended Decision - Karen Kay Parham
2007.06.20 App. Div. Dkt. No. A-07-81 Recommended Decision - Anthony Koutsogiannis
2007.04.17 App. Div. Dkt. No. A-07-43 Recommended Decision - National Taxpayers Union *
2007.12.27 DAB2140 Oklahoma Health Care Authority
2007.12.20 DAB2139 Rudra Sabaratnam and Robert I. Bourseau
2007.12.19 DAB2138 Kailash C. Singhvi, M.D. *
2007.12.18 DAB2137 Winsconsin Department of Workforce Development
2007.12.06 DAB2136 Texas Health and Human Services Commission
2007.11.30 DAB2135 Texas Health and Human Services Commission
2007.11.29 DAB2134 Community Home Health *
2007.11.29 DAB2133 Rhode Island Department of Human Services
2007.11.21 DAB2132 Brightview Care Center
2007.11.20 RUL2008-2 Action for a Better Community, Inc.
2007.11.19 DAB2131 Utah Department of Health
2007.11.06 DAB2130 KGV Easy Leasing, dba Privilege Diagnostics
2007.11.06 DAB2129 Thomas DeVol, Ph.D. v Inspector General
2007.11.06 DAB2128 Connecticut Department of Social Services
2007.11.06 DAB2127 District of Columbia Department of Human Services
2007.11.06 DAB2126 District of Columbia Department of Human Services
2007.11.06 DAB2125 Alabama Department of Human Resources
2007.11.02 DAB2124 Texas Office of the Attorney General
2007.10.31 DAB2123 Alla Mikhli, D.P.M. v Inspector General
2007.10.25 DAB2122 Minnesota Department of Human Services
2007.10.17 DAB2121 Friendly Fuld Neighborhood Center, Inc.
2007.10.15 RUL2008-1 Alaska Department of Health and Social Services
2007.10.09 DAB2120 Rosewood Care Center of Inverness
2007.10.05 DAB2119 Rolling Hills Rehab Center
2007.10.03 DAB2118 HRT Laboratory, Inc.
2007.10.01 DAB2117 New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services
2007.09.25 DAB2116 Camden County Council on Economic Opportunity *
2007.09.17 DAB2115 Briarwood Nursing Center
2007.09.17 DAB2114 Texas Health and Human Services Commission
2007.08.31 DAB2113 New Life Ministry, Inc.
2007.08.30 DAB2112 Texas Health and Human Services Commission
2007.08.30 DAB2111 Lutheran Home at Trinity Oaks
2007.08.28 DAB2110 Nebraska Health & Human Services System
2007.08.28 DAB2109 Babyland Family Services, Inc.
2007.08.22 DAB2108 American Association of Suicidology
2007.08.20 DAB2107 New Jersey Department of Human Resources
2007.08.20 DAB2106 Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services
2007.08.09 DAB2105 High Tech Home Health, Inc.
2007.08.07 DAB2104 Action for a Better Community, Inc.
2007.07.31 DAB2103 Alaska Department of Health and Social Services
2007.07.23 DAB2102 Yerington Paiute Tribe
2007.07.20 DAB2101 Physicians' Anadarko Hospital
2007.07.19 DAB2100 New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department
2007.07.10 DAB2099 Georgia Department of Human Resources
2007.07.10 DAB2098 Florida Department of Children & Families
2007.07.05 DAB2097 Texas Health & Human Services Commission
2007.05.23 RUL2007-3 Mira Vista, Inc. Petitioner, vs. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
2007.05.18 DAB2096 Michael J. Rosen, M.D. vs. Inspector General *
2007.05.18 DAB2095 Liberty Nursing and Rehabilitation Center - Mecklenberg County *
2007.05.18 DAB2094 Brookside Rehabilitation & Care Center
2007.06.19 DAB2093 Care Center of Opelika
2007.05.18 DAB2092 Family Health Services of Darke County
2007.05.18 DAB2091 Pacific Islander Council of Leaders
2007.05.18 DAB2090 Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
2007.05.18 DAB2089 Juniata County Child Care & Development Services
2007.05.18 DAB2088 Eastwood Convalescent Center
2007.05.18 DAB2087 River East Economic Revitilization Corporation
2007.05.18 DAB2086 Camden County Council on Economic Opportunity, Inc.
2007.05.18 DAB2085 Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing
2007.05.18 DAB2084 Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services *
2007.05.17 DAB2083 New Mexico General Services Department *
2007.05.16 RUL2007-2 Recovery Resource Center, Inc.
2007.05.15 DAB2082 Appeal of CMS LCD Complaint: Pneumatic Compression Devices
2007.05.14 DAB2081 Lake Mary Health Care
2007.05.03 DAB2080 Florida Department of Children and Families
2007.04.30 DAB2079 Kansas Advocacy & Protective Services *
2007.04.24 DAB2078 Britthaven of Havelock
2007.04.12 DAB2077 Learning Systems Group
2007.04.10 DAB2076 Century Care of Crystal Coast *
2007.04.09 DAB2075 Russell J. Ellicott, D.P.M *
2007.04.06 DAB2074 Wyoming Department of Family Services
2007.04.06 DAB2073 Southern Delaware Center for Children & Families
2007.03.28 DAB2072 Emerald Shores Health & Rehabilitation Center *
2007.03.16 DAB2071 County of Orange, California
2007.03.14 RUL2007-1 Henry L. Gupton, Petitioner, vs. Inspector General
2007.03.09 DAB2070 Liberty Commons Nursing and Rehab - Alamance *
2007.03.08 DAB2069 Evergreene Nursing Care Center
2007.02.09 DAB2068 John J. Kane Regional Center - Glen Hazel
2007.02.09 DAB2067 Daughters of Miriam Center
2007.02.08 DAB2066 New York State Department of Health
2007.02.08 DAB2065 Lisa Alice Gantt
2007.02.07 DAB2064 Samuel E. Kilgore, R.Ph.
2007.01.31 DAB2063 Recovery Resource Center, Inc.
2007.01.24 DAB2062 Illinois Department of Children & Family Services
2007.01.23 DAB2061 Brenda Mills, M.D., Petitioner vs. Inspector General
2007.01.10 DAB2060 Tri-County Extended Care Center, Petitioner vs. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
2007.01.08 DAB2059 LCD Appeal of Non-converage of Intravenous Immunoglobulin *
2007.01.08 DAB2058 Henry L. Gupton, Petitioner vs. Inspector General *

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