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2000 Board Decisions

An asterisk (*) at the end of the link to a Board decision indicates that the decision was appealed and a federal court decision was issued.

2000.12.21 DAB1758 Lower Brule Sioux Tribe
2000.12.21 DAB1757 New York State Office of Children and Family Services
2000.12.21 DAB1756 Stanley Boykansky, M.D. vs. Health Care Financing Administration
2000.12.05 DAB1755 Oakland Medical Group, P.C., vs. Health Care Financing Administration
2000.11.29 DAB1754 University of Wisconsin-Madison
2000.11.01 DAB1753 The Lutheran Home - Caledonia vs. Health Care Financing Administration
2000.10.25 DAB1752 Tarvinder Singh, D.D.S. vs. Inspector General
2000.10.25 DAB1751 Orange County
2000.10.18 DAB1750 Koester Pavilion, vs. Health Care Financing Administration
2000.09.27 DAB1749 Utica Head Start Children and Families, Inc.
2000.09.22 DAB1748 Beverly Health and Rehabilitation Center - Williamsburg vs. Health Care Financing Administration
2000.09.20 DAB1747 Kaulson Laboratories, Inc. vs. Health Care Financing Administration
2000.09.18 DAB1746 Roy Cosby Stark vs. Inspector General *
2000.09.15 DAB1745 Lake Cook Terrace Nursing Center vs. Health Care Financing Administration
2000.09.07 DAB1744 New Jersey Department of Human Services
2000.09.07 DAB1743 Texas Migrant Council, Inc.
2000.08.10 DAB1742 Rhode Island Substance Abuse Task Force Assoc.
2000.08.09 DAB1741 Hearthside Care Center vs Health Care Finance Administration
2000.08.09 DAB1740 Wayne E. Imber, M.D. vs. Inspector General
2000.08.09 DAB1739 Ute Indian Tribe
2000.08.08 DAB1738 John C. Cheek, M.D., vs. Inspector General
2000.07.14 DAB1737 New York State Office of Children & Family Svcs.
2000.07.14 DAB1736 Narendra M. Patel, M.D. vs. Inspector General *
2000.07.13 DAB1735 John (Juan) Urquijo vs. Inspector General
2000.07.05 DAB1734 Alden Nursing Center--Morrow vs. Health Care Financing Administration
2000.06.28 DAB1733 Lorna Fay Gardner vs. Inspector General
2000.06.28 DAB1732 California Department of Health Services
2000.06.21 DAB1731 US Bio-Chem Medical Laboratories, Inc., vs. Health Care Financing Administration
2000.06.13 DAB1730 Specialty Hospital of Southern California-La Mirada vs. HCFA *
2000.06.07 DAB1729 John E. Calhoon vs. Inspector General *
2000.05.05 DAB1728 St. Anthony Hospital vs Inspector General *
2000.05.05 DAB1727 ProED, Inc.
2000.05.30 DAB1726 Woodstock Care Center vs. Health Care Center Financing Administration *
2000.05.23 DAB1725 Joann Fletcher Cash, vs. Inspector General
2000.05.18 DAB1724 Brian Bacardi, D.P.M. vs. Inspector General
2000.05.10 DAB1723 Graduate Hospital
2000.04.20 DAB1722 Child Opportunity Program
2000.04.10 DAB1721 Tanya A. Chuoke, R.N., vs. Inspector General
2000.03.23 DAB1720 Inspector General vs. Samuel T. Bowen
2000.04.01 DAB1719 Ohio Department of Human Services
2000.03.20 DAB1718 Waccamaw Economic Opportunity Council, Inc.
2000.02.28 DAB1717 Mississippi Department of Human Services
2000.02.02 DAB1716 Family Home Health Services vs. HCFA
2000.01.12 DAB1715 Fairview Nursing Plaza vs. HCFA

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