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Status of IRBs & FWAs

Information regarding registration of IORGs and IRBs, and the FWA status of an institution is available online.

Click here to access the online database at

  • The status of recently submitted registrations and FWAs also can be tracked on that page.
  • The online database default is a basic search of IORGs. ("Advance Search" can be selected, as described below.)
  • By selecting other tabs, users can search for IRBs, FWAs or documents received by OHRP in the last 60 days.  
  • Searches can be by IORG, IRB, or institution name.
    • Name searches are not case sensitive, but are by exact text, so entering a distinctive partial portion of a name increases the prospect of retrieving the information sought, by reducing chances different spellings.
    • Some names have abbreviations, such as “U” for University, so a search for “Harvard” may be successful where a search for “Harvard University” may fail.
  • Alternatively, searches can be by IORG, IRB, or FWA number.
    • If searching by number, the leading zeros do not need to be entered.
    • Searches for recently received submissions can be by name or by All, New Only, or Renewal Only.
  • Users can select “Advanced Search” for IORGs, IRBs, or FWAs and institution, allowing wider search strategies.
    • The search criteria can be used individually or in combination.
      • For instance, a search could be for all IRBs in Illinois, or all IRBs in Peoria, Illinois.
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Content last reviewed on March 14, 2016
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