September 12-13, 2022 Public Meeting

Presidential Advisory Council on Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria.

The 21st PACCARB in-person public meeting was dedicated to conducting a One Health antimicrobial resistance and pandemic preparedness policy workshop. The focus of this meeting was on a hypothetical, large-scale disease outbreak scenario that was used to facilitate discussions intended to identify key issues and critical pandemic policy gaps as they relate to antimicrobial resistance.”



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Module 1: Surveillance

Recognizing the Pandemic: Identifying the “AMR Pandemic” within the Pandemic*
Dawn Sievert, CDC/ARLN

Leveraging Current Human Antibiotic Use Monitoring for AMR Pandemic Surveillance*
Arjun Srinivasan, CDC/NHSN

The Federal Strategy for Animal Surveillance, Information Sharing, and Disseminating Guidance*
Michael Neafsey, USDA/APHIS One Health Coordinator

Recognizing the Pandemic: Producer Surveillance Methods and Identifying Secondary AMR Infections in Animal Production*
Daniel Linhares, Swine Health Information Center

Sources of Environmental Contamination and the Potential for Surveillance*
Rachel Whitaker, University of Illinois
Thanh (Helen) Nguyen, University of Illinois

Module 2: Diagnostics

Understanding the Human Diagnostic Communication Network (Labs, Public Health Departments, and Providers)
Kim Musser, New York Department of Health Wadsworth Center

Developing New Human Diagnostics in an Emergency Situation*
Jean Patel, Beckman Coulter

Current Capabilities and Capacity for Diagnosing Fungal Infections and Resistance*
Tom Chiller, CDC/Mycotic Disease Branch

The Role of Diagnostics in Herds: Availability, Challenges, and How They’re Used (Animal)*
Rodger Main, Iowa State University

Understanding the Animal Diagnostic Communication Networks (Labs, Producers, and Veterinarians)*
Christina Loiacono, USDA/NAHLN

Module 3: Vaccines and Therapeutics

Leveraging the Existing Pipeline of New Human Vaccines and Therapeutics for AMR*
Kyung Moon, NIH/NIAID

Medical Countermeasure Needs During a Pandemic*
Mark Albrecht, ASPR/BARDA

Development of New Animal Vaccines and Understanding Federal Regulations*
Michael Roof, Iowa State University

Impact of a Public Health Emergency on Human Antibiotic Stewardship Practices*
Emily Spivak, University of Utah

Role of Associations in Response and Information Dissemination During a Pandemic*
Gail Golab, AVMA

Module 4: Infection Prevention and Control/Biosecurity

Infection Prevention and Control for Resistant Pathogens During a Medical Surge*
Terri Rebmann, Institute of Biosecurity, St. Louis University

Preventing the Spread: Animal Producer Decision-making and Available Resource*
Tiffany Lee, Clemens Food Group

The Agricultural Workforce: Human Health Risks and the Role of Workers in Preventing Transmission*
Jeff Bender, University of Minnesota

A Front-line Perspective: Healthcare Workers and Pandemic Challenges*
Lilian Abbo, Jackson Health System

Infection Prevention and Control During a Pandemic*
Arjun Srinivasan, CDC/NHSN

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