SACHRP Roster (Special Government Employees) and OHRP Contacts

Douglas S. Diekema, M.D., MPH (Chair)
Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Adjunct Professor, Departments of Bioethics and Emergency Medicine
University of Washington School of Medicine
Term: 07/21/20 to 07/21/24 Chair

Mary Ellen Allen, J.D.
Assistant General Counsel, Specialist,
Healthcare Law Group
Genentech, Inc.
Term: 05/14/19 to 05/13/23

Jyoti Angal, B.H.M.S., MPH
Director of Clinical Research
at Avera Research Institute Center for
Pediatric & Community Research,
Avera McKennan Hospital and University Health Center
Term: 04/18/19 to 04/17/22

Linda Coleman, JD, CIP, CHC, CHRC, CCEP-I
Yale University Human Research Protection Program
Term: 05/28/19 to 05/27/22

Janet Freeman-Daily, MSc, ENG
Patient Advocate
Term: 06/03/19 to 06/02/22

Robert "Skip" Nelson, M.D., M.Div., Ph.D.
Senior Director
Pediatric Drug Development in the Child Health Innovation
Leadership Department (CHILD) at Johnson & Johnson
Term: 05/23/19 to 05/22/23

Louis Shepperd, J.D.
Wallenbord Professor of Biomedics
Professor of Public Health Sciences
Professor of Law
University of Virginia
Term: 07/19/2021 to 07/19/25

Sandra Soo-Jin Lee, Ph.D.
Chief of the Division of Ethics
Department of Medical Humanities and Ethics
Columbia University
Term: 05/11/21 to 05/11/25

Walter L. Straus, M.D., M.P.H., FACP, FCPP
Clinical Safety
Moderna, Inc.
Term: 06/12/19 to 06/11/23

Consuelo H. Wilkins, MD, MSCI
Senior Vice President and Senior Associate Dean
for Health Equity and Inclusive Excellence
Professor of Medicine
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Term: 05/01/19 to 04/30/23

Kevin Weinfurt, Ph.D.
Vice Chair, Research
Department of Population Health Sciences
Duke University School of Medicine
Term: 07/20/20 to 07/20/24

OHRP Contacts

Jerry Menikoff, M.D., J.D.
Executive Secretary, SACHRP
Office for Human Research Protections
Rockville, MD

Ivor A. Pritchard, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor to the Director
Office for Human Research Protections
Rockville, MD

Julia G. Gorey, J.D.
Executive Director, SACHRP
Office for Human Research Protections
Rockville, MD

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