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National Vaccine Advisory Committee members provide peer review, consultation, advice, and recommendations to the Assistant Secretary for Health, in her capacity as the Director of the National Vaccine Program, on matters related to the Program’s responsibilities.

Individuals selected for appointment to the NVAC serve as voting members. The NVAC consists of 17 voting members: 15 public members, including the Chair, and two representative members.

Public Members

These individuals are appointed to the NVAC to exercise their own independent best judgment on behalf of the government. It is expected that public members will discuss and deliberate in a manner that is free from conflicts of interest. Public members are individuals who:

  • are engaged in vaccine research or the manufacture of vaccines, or who are
    • physicians,
    • members of parent organizations concerned with immunizations,
    • representatives of state or local health agencies, or
    • public health organizations.

Representative Members

These individuals are appointed to the NVAC to provide the views of industry or a special interest group. They serve specifically to represent the viewpoints or perspectives of the vaccine manufacturing industry or groups engaged in vaccine research or the manufacture of vaccines.

How Long Do NVAC Members Serve?

Individuals selected for appointment to the NVAC can be invited to serve terms of up to four years.

What are the Expectations of NVAC Members?

Members should be among authorities knowledgeable in areas related to vaccine safety, vaccine effectiveness, and vaccine supply. Interested candidates should demonstrate a willingness to commit time to NVAC activities and the ability to work constructively and effectively on committees.

The New Member Process

  1. NVPO puts out a solicitation for new members based on requirements outlined in the Committee's charter as well as specific expertise needed to address Departmental priorities.
  2. Eligible nominations are sent to the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) for review.
  3. Recommended candidates are then provided to NVPO.
  4. NVPO chooses candidates (and alternates) from candidates approved by NAM. Approved candidates are forwarded for Department review.
  5. Approved Candidates are sent to the Assistant Secretary for Health for final selection.

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Content last reviewed on April 4, 2018