COVID-19 Data-Driven Innovation

COVID-19 TOPx Technology Sprint

HHS hosted a fast-paced, two-month build cycle using the “TOPx Toolkit” created by the U.S. Census Bureau with 15 industry-led teams to further develop COVID-19 diagnostic reporting tools and accelerate the public use of these tools, making it easier for individuals and organizations to safely report positive/negative test results.

The “COVID-19 TOPx” technology sprint continues momentum and further develops digital health tools to capture, harmonize, and securely transmit key data elements from at-anywhere COVID-19 diagnostic tests.

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COVID-19 At-Anywhere Diagnostics Design-A-Thon

To support a data-driven response to the coronavirus pandemic, America is looking for better ways to:

capture COVID-19 diagnostic data
standardize that data
report key data elements efficiently and accurately

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