David M. Johnson

David M. Johnson, MPH

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health - Regional Health Operations

David M. Johnson, MPH is the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health - Regional Health Operations. Mr. Johnson leads the Office of Regional Health Operations (ORHO), which oversees and manages the activities of the ten regional offices of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health’s (OASH).  As one of the newest offices within OASH, ORHO was created to develop and implement regional priorities that support and amplify the Department’s and specifically the Assistant Secretary for Health’s goals, messages, and initiatives at the state and local level.  Representing the Regional Health Administrators, the senior public health officials in each region, ORHO also serves as a central point of contact for public health activities for the regions, coordinating and partnering with other regional HHS operational division leads to support and assist with regional responses to public health and other national-level events. 

Most recently, Mr. Johnson served as the Deputy Director of the Office of Population Affairs, managing the administrative and operational functions of both the Title X Family Planning and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs.  Prior to that, Mr. Johnson served in multiple roles within HHS providing technical direction for a broad range public health programming, including programming focused on increasing access to healthcare for males across the lifespan, HIV/AIDS, and family planning and reproductive health care for all.  Mr. Johnson joined HHS in 2003 as a member of the Office of Global Health Affairs through the HHS Emerging Leaders Program.   

Mr. Johnson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Virginia and a Master of Public Health degree in International Health from The George Washington University.

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