FY 2024 Annual Performance Plan and Report

Fiscal Year 2024
Released March 2023

The Annual Performance Report provides information on HHS’s progress toward achieving the goals and objectives described in the HHS Strategic Plan and Annual Performance Plan. This document is organized around the goals and objectives contained in the FY 2022 – 2026 HHS Strategic Plan. The information shown here reflects the most recent results available at the end of FY 2022 for HHS representative measures. Additional information on the Goals and Objectives can be found in the Strategic Plan.

FY 2024 Annual Performance Plan and Report

FY 2024 Annual Performance Plan and Report Data Validation Table

FY 2024 Annual Performance Plan and Report Changes in Performance Measures Table

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Table of Contents

Message from the HHS Performance Improvement Officer


Annual Performance Plan and Report

Strategic Goal 1

Strategic Goal 1: Protect and Strengthen Equitable Access to High Quality and Affordable Healthcare

Objective 1.1: Increase choice, affordability, and enrollment in high-quality healthcare coverage      

Objective 1.2: Reduce costs, improve quality of healthcare services, and ensure access to safe medical devices and drugs

Objective 1.3: Expand equitable access to comprehensive, community-based, innovative, and culturally-competent healthcare services, while addressing social determinants of health

Objective 1.4: Drive the integration of behavioral health into the healthcare system to strengthen and expand access to mental health and substance use disorder treatment and recovery services for individuals and families             

Objective 1.5: Bolster the health workforce to ensure delivery of quality services and care

Strategic Goal 2

Strategic Goal 2: Safeguard and Improve National and Global Health Conditions and Outcomes         

Objective 2.1: Improve capabilities to predict, prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters, public health and medical emergencies, and threats across the nation and globe    

Objective 2.2: Protect individuals, families, and communities from infectious disease and non-communicable disease through equitable access to effective, innovative, readily available diagnostics, treatments, therapeutics, medical devices, and vaccines       

Objective 2.3: Enhance promotion of healthy behaviors to reduce occurrence of and disparities in preventable injury, illness, and death     

Objective 2.4: Mitigate the impacts of environmental factors, including climate change, on health outcomes 

Strategic Goal 3

Strategic Goal 3: Strengthen Social Well-being, Equity, and Economic Resilience          

Objective 3.1: Provide effective and innovative pathways leading to equitable economic success for all individuals and families          

Objective 3.2: Strengthen early childhood development and expand opportunities to help children and youth thrive equitably within their families and communities          

Objective 3.3: Expand access to high-quality services and resources for older adults and people with disabilities, and their caregivers to support increased independence and quality of life         

Objective 3.4: Increase safeguards to empower families and communities to prevent and respond to neglect, abuse, and violence, while supporting those who have experienced trauma or violence

Strategic Goal 4

Strategic Goal 4: Restore Trust and Accelerate Advancements in Science and Research for All      

Objective 4.1: Improve the design, delivery, and outcomes of HHS programs by prioritizing science, evidence, and inclusion             

Objective 4.2: Invest in the research enterprise and the scientific workforce to maintain leadership in the development of innovations that broaden our understanding of disease, healthcare, public health, and human services resulting in more effective interventions, treatments, and programs       

Objective 4.3: Strengthen surveillance, epidemiology, and laboratory capacity to understand and equitably address diseases and conditions

Objective 4.4: Improve data collection, use, and evaluation, to increase evidence-based knowledge that leads to better health outcomes, reduced health disparities, and improved social well-being, equity, and economic resilience           

Strategic Goal 5

Strategic Goal 5: Advance Strategic Management to Build Trust, Transparency, and Accountability          

Objective 5.1:  Promote effective enterprise governance to ensure programmatic goals are met equitably and transparently across all management practices

Objective 5.2: Sustain strong financial stewardship of HHS resources to foster prudent use of resources, accountability, and public trust

Objective 5.3: Uphold effective and innovative human capital resource management resulting in an engaged, diverse workforce with the skills and competencies to accomplish the HHS mission    

Objective 5.4: Ensure the security and climate resiliency of HHS facilities, technology, data, and information, while advancing environment-friendly practices


Major Management Priorities

Cross-Agency Collaborations

Lower-Priority Program Activities           

Evidence Building Efforts           

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