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Featured Priorities

The National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO) established 10 priorities for the implementation of the National Vaccine Plan. NVPO’s featured priorities are adult immunization, vaccine confidence, and vaccine safety.

Adult Immunization

Despite the widespread availability of safe and effective vaccines, adult vaccination rates remain low in the United States, leaving adults vulnerable to the heavy toll vaccine-preventable diseases can take on one’s health and productivity. NVPO has coordinated with numerous partners to develop plans, standards and tools to address suboptimal rates, and improve uptake, of recommended vaccines for adults.

Vaccine Confidence

The success of any vaccine in protecting a population depends entirely on the extent of its use. When there is an uptick in adults choosing not to vaccinate themselves or their children, vaccine confidence is at risk – as is the overall health of our communities.

Vaccine Safety

To ensure the continued success of vaccines, it is critical to continually assess and strengthen vaccine safety efforts. NVPO works with federal partners to advance vaccine safety systems, activities, and research.

Content created by National Vaccine Program Office
Content last reviewed on March 22, 2016
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