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NVPO Awards Program

Exceptional individuals and organizations are at the heart of the vaccine and immunization enterprise. Through the National Vaccine Program Office UpShot Awards program, NVPO aims to honor individuals and organizations whose leadership, collaboration, innovation, research, and practice advance the National Vaccine Plan.

Open Application Period: February 7, 2017 – May 3, 2017
Application Due Date: Extended to 5 pm ET on May 3, 2017
NVPO Review Period: May 3, 2017 – May 19, 2017
Winners Announced: June 6, 2017 NVAC Meeting


On this page: Awards | Eligibility | Selection Process | Apply now | Recognition


NVPO will give a non-monetary award to recognize research, policy, or programmatic activities for each of the National Vaccine Plan goals:

  • Goal 1: Develop new or improved vaccine
  • Goal 2: Enhance the vaccine safety system
  • Goal 3: Support communications to enhance informed vaccine decision-making
  • Goal 4: Ensure a stable supply of, access to, and better use of recommended vaccines in the United States
  • Goal 5: Increase global prevention of death and disease through safe and effective vaccination

To be eligible for the award, an individual or organization must demonstrate excellence in 1 or more of the following areas related to advancing the National Vaccine Plan goals:

  • Leadership: Demonstrated exceptional leadership in the field
  • Collaboration: Developed and promoted public and/or private partnerships that were integral to the success of their activity
  • Innovation: Implemented uniquely creative or innovative strategies or research designs
  • Advancing Research: Contributed to transformative research (includes using a novel research methodology or an innovative model)
  • Improving Practice: Dramatically improved established programs, procedures, systems, or methods

Each nomination must include programmatic or research data that demonstrates the ability to meet 1 or more of the above criteria. If the activity is new and lacks adequate data at the time of submission, a justification for the potential impact of the policy or program must be provided. Research and activities that have been completed two years before the nomination submission date are desired.

NVPO especially welcomes nominations that support the opportunity areas identified in the Mid-course Review. Nominations that support these areas will be given preference in the selection process.


Both individuals and organizations are eligible to receive an award. You can nominate yourself, your organization, another individual, or another organization.

In order to be eligible for the award, applicants must demonstrate excellence in leadership, collaboration, innovation, research, or practice that advances 1 of the National Vaccine Plan goals (for more information, see Awards above).

In addition, applicants are only eligible if they:

  • Have not already received this award in this category
  • Agree ahead of time to be nominated
  • Are not currently employed by the federal government (including federal contractors and individuals in fellowship or post-doctoral positions at a federal agencies)
  • Are not being nominated for work done while employed by the federal government

Selection Process

Nominations will be evaluated and 1 winner will be recommended in each category. Each nomination will be evaluated and scored based on whether it:

  • Benefits or advances the goals of the National Vaccine Plan
  • Advances an Opportunity Area identified by the Mid-course Review
  • Documents strong programmatic and research data or justification to support nomination
  • Enhances knowledge and understanding in the field or across different fields

Apply Now!

To apply or nominate someone else for an award:

  • Complete the application form.
  • Attach 1 nomination letter (no more than 2 double-spaced pages). In this letter, describe why the individual or organization should be considered for the award. Start with a concise introductory paragraph that briefly “pitches” the nominee and include specific examples of the impact of their work on the field. Clearly justify how the nominee’s work meets at least 1 of the eligibility criteria and is related to 1 National Vaccine Plan goal.
  • If you are nominating yourself, you must also include 2 letters of recommendation (each no more than 1 double-spaced page). Letters of recommendation must be from other individuals such as a colleague in another organization or someone who has been impacted by your work. Recommendation letters should discuss and provide specific examples of the impact of the activity, research, or policy to the field and describe how this work is aligned with a National Vaccine Plan goal and/or a Mid-course Review Opportunity area.
  • Optional: Attach supplemental information (no more than 2 double-spaced pages). Include information that supports the nomination, such as the abstract for related research published in a peer-reviewed journal, relevant process or outcomes data, or a justification of the potential impact of the policy or program.

Submit the completed application package in a single e-mail to nvpo@hhs.gov by the extended deadline of May 3, 2017 at 5 pm ET. Use the email subject line, “The UpShot Awards 2017.” NVPO must receive all completed applications (including any supplemental information) by this date. NVPO will not consider incomplete applications.


Winners will be announced at the June 6, 2017 National Vaccine Advisory Committee meeting. The winners will receive an award and be featured on the NVPO website. Winners may also be considered for future educational opportunities hosted by NVPO such as webinars or meeting presentations.

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Content last reviewed on February 2, 2017
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