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About the National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO)

The National Vaccine Program Office is located in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (ASH), Office of the Secretary (OS), U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). NVPO is responsible for coordinating and ensuring collaboration among the many federal agencies involved in vaccine and immunization activities.

NVPO collaborates with these agencies to carry out the goals of the National Vaccine Plan (NVP), which provides a framework, including goals, objectives, and strategies, for pursuing the prevention of infectious diseases through immunizations.

Additionally, NVPO staffs the National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC), which was established to comply with Section 2105 of the Public Health Service Act. Its purpose is to advise and make recommendations to the Assistant Secretary for Health who serves as the Director of the National Vaccine Program on matters related to program responsibilities.

NVPO also staffs the Presidential Advisory Council on Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria (PACCARB). The Advisory Council provides advice, information, and recommendations to the Secretary regarding programs and policies intended to support and evaluate the implementation of Executive Order 13676, including the National Strategy for Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria and the National Action Plan for Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria.

NVPO's Core Functions

  • Ensure collaborative federal immunization activities are carried out in an efficient, consistent, and timely manner.
  • Develop and implement strategies for achieving the highest possible level of prevention of human diseases through immunization.
  • Implement strategies that ensure the highest level of prevention of adverse reactions to vaccines.
  • Support the National Vaccine Advisory Committee and its related activities.
  • Identify and bridge gaps in federal planning of vaccine and immunization activities.

National Vaccine Program (NVP) responsibilities:

  • Vaccine research
  • Vaccine development
  • Safety and efficacy testing of vaccines
  • Licensing of vaccine manufacturers
  • Production and procurement of vaccines
  • Distribution and use of vaccines
  • Necessity and effectiveness of vaccines
  • Adverse events related to vaccines and immunization activities

For more than 30 years, NVPO has been guiding the immunization system. Learn more about our impact over the years.

NVPO is also responsible for Vaccines.gov - a comprehensive site with immunization information directed at the general public.

Contact Us

National Vaccine Program Office
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
330 C St. SW, Rm L001
Washington, D.C. 20024

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